Effective Communicators


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Communication is an important aspect in the society as it is crucial to sustaining most interpersonal relationships. A good role model of an effective communicator is President Barack Obama. His communication skill has given him the ability to inspire, influence and give hope to millions of his audience. One characteristic that makes him a good communicator is his ability to understand his audience (Hahn, 2010). Obamas speeches are usually tailored to his audience and take into account his audiences feelings. He always tries to find the right combination of world and is careful not to offend anyone. Being thoughtful and courteous to your audience is very important in communication.

A piece of communication is usually interpreted differently by different people therefore it is important to keep you r audience in mind when formulating your of communication ideas. Another quality of effective communicators is that they always avoid jargon and go straight to point (Hahn, 2010).. Obama is always straight with what he wants to communicate and ensures that his message has reached its intended audience. His ensures that there is clarity and consistency of his information. Another characteristic that make Obama a good communicator is his willingness to let his audience express their views and is always willing to listen. This is evident in his approach to foreign affairs issues where he has always advocated for dialogue in resolving international conflicts rather than coercion.

Concreteness also makes Obama a good communicator. Concreteness refers to accuracy of information being conveyed. Obama always gets his facts right and select appropriate means for communicating his message. A very important point in effective communication is having a goal. A good communicator usually has a clear goal in his mind and does not deviate away from his goal while communicating.


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