Education and Technology


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Mission and vision

Mission: To create a unique learning environment, nourish our learners and develop the skills that are necessary for future market engagements.

Vision: It is our vision to have technology fully integrated in the school curriculum. This will ensure that our students are engaged in learning that is meaningful as well as challenging. Since we live in a world that is rapidly growing in terms of technology, our students need to be well prepared for the future and we have taken this as the schools responsibility. In the school, the classroom is the best place where our students can get these skills and become competent to bravely face the future.

We thus present our classroom technology plan to support this vision.

Communication plan

It is our goal to ensure an improvement in the students learning. With this, we are expecting the support of the staff, parents/guardians, the community as well as the students themselves. This is something that we can only achieve by communication. For every plan to succeed, there must be effective communication. Technology itself enhances communication and thus through communication, we will be able to show all the concerned parties the importance of the technology that we want incorporated in our classrooms.

Current technology state

Since the approval of the first comprehensive classroom technology plan for the district, our school has gone through various changes and we expect to even go through more change. Currently, the classrooms have networked computers but not enough to serve each student at a personal level. This means that the classroom technology needs of the entire class are not catered for. Furthermore, the curriculum requires the need for improved technology. The technology that is available is for the teachers to use for giving group instructions. We however need to have technology that allows the teacher to even give individual instructions.

Action plan

With the support of the school community in implementing the comprehensive classroom technology plan, we will start off by first forming a technology plan team. This is a team which will oversee the whole process to ensure that it goes on as planned. The action plan involves the plan implementation. Thus, the team will ensure that it is well implemented and report in case of problems. They can also suggest possible solutions where problems arise.

Monitoring and evaluation

With the technology plan team in place, they will be able to monitor the progress of the classroom technology plan and ensure that it gives the expected outcomes. Once implemented, operations do not stop at that. There will be periodic reviews and evaluations since technological advancement is a continuous process. This will ensure that we make improvements periodically to equip our students with the best skills and knowledge in technology.

Draft of communication plan

We will communicate to the parents/guardians and generally to the family members to ensure that they support the students in gathering information and passing it on through telecommunication. Thus, they need to engage these learners in communicating electronically for example e-mails. This way, the family members will help promote great technology learning.

The students will also be communicated to use resources of technology in passing both professional and personal information. Fr example, they can import photos and also present research project results electronically.The general school staff and especially the teachers should give assignments to students electronically. Therefore, they will have helped develop the culture of improved technology use.


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