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Ecocritism is the representation of the world and nature. Hans Bertens traces ecocritism history with an attempt to examine the real sense which ecocritism brings forth.  The real is brought in a concrete way through ecocritism theory.  The main stream of ecocritism is the predicted return of the real through various scientific data. This may be true to some extend because when one views the definition of ecocritism from a narrow point of view, it limits the field from its potential of examining and emphasizing other ways of gaining knowledge of  various environmental issue.  

These environmental aspects include experimental, material and embodied knowledge.  The cortical discourse is informed by science which accompanies other theoretical thought and discursive forms. Creativity, culture and the environment is a clear demonstration of such practice of critical (Bertens, 2007, pp 156). Based on various studies on ecocritism including that of Han Bertens, we get the conception of preferentiality seen in the study of ecocritism theory.

This is because it does not encompass everything with in the new scientific field but instead the capacity of ecocritism for activism in environmental issues. Science does not encompass the central place in ecocritism filed but rather the scientific work in collaboration with other critical modes of bringing about the relationship between the natural environment and the people. Hans essay on ecocritism therefore brings the focus of the interplay of writings, essays, poetics, ethics, ecology, philosophy, environments and imagination.

Hans gives the examples of films which have incorporated all these aspects such as the film the Lord of The Rings by Tolkien and the Two Towers film by Peter Jackson. These are epic narratives which incorporate epic creatures with rumbling voices and have gigantic structure. Their voices remind us of the wind sounds in trees during the autumn season. Basically ecocritism is like a dichotomized thinking, a disassembling disciplinary which emphasizes repeatedly on ethics with a clear suggestion of forming a new environmental criticism.

The new environmental thinking is the need for developing and articulating model of critical integration as a way of activism in the environment. Creativity, culture and the environment wholly proposes that environmental activism begins with the realization that there is a need to turn our ethics towards environmental   criticism which incorporates aspects of creativity and imagination in writing especially   in fields like humanities and Arts.  Bertens essay calls for the development of ecocritical models which should extend to influence the wider scope in environmental concerns.

The human moral concerns according to Bertens are determined and self evident through the evident of nature.  This is especially seen in the imaginative works like paintings, films poems and novels. Nature plays an important role in all aspects right from aesthetic concerns, awesomeness, and beauty and presents an intimidating gentleness. These characteristics of nature are the total opposite of the characteristics of human beings (Bertens, 2002, pp196) for example the natures gracious states in religious terms symbolized the fallen state of human beings.

Bertens message therefore is that man should act as stewards of   the environment according to Gods word.  Stewardship practices encompasses both cultural aspects, ecological sources such a political agenda towards exorcism morals and environmental knowledge. Ecocritism should therefore incorporate the needed models in cultural and contemporary studies by including other scientific aspects in line with environmental issues.



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