Doing Without Computers


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Computers have become part and parcel of modern day life. Computers are now being utilized in almost all spheres of life; in leaning, in provision of healthcare, in industries, in transport and entertainment among other areas. In recent years, computers have become cheap and easily accessible that you can find them in most American home. Children are today learning how to use computers at a very young age and become dependent on computer for many things. It has even become impossible to image the world today without computers. Following this assignment, I decided to stay for seven days without using a computer.

I am very used to computer and spend hour on computer every day. If I am not writing my assignments, searching information on the internet or communicating and interacting with my friends then I am playing games or listen to music and watching visual media. The fist two of the seven days that I decided to stay without computers were very difficult for me. It was very hard to go for a whole day without my means to entertainment, communication with friends or having all my assignments handwritten. There were many times that I was tempted to breach this commitment but just compelled my self to move on. However, after the two days things became a bit easier without the computer. I got used to staying without the computer and I discovered ways of doing the things that made me dependent on the computer. I actually stopped feeling miserable and started feeling good about my self for knowing that I am not one of the people who have become completely dependent on the computer.


As mentioned above the first gain from this experience is that I have become less dependent on the computer. Prior to this I could not imagine that I could bear life without the computer but I have realized now that it was all just a perception. Staying without the computers also made me creative and innovative. I was forced to find other ways for keeping myself entertained, for keeping in touch with my friends and for completing my assignments. I was also able to put much of my free time that I used to spend playing games, watching movies and chatting with friends into more constructive use. I was able to assist my mother at home and have meaningful interaction with my other family members. Staying away from the computer also lessened the strain I used to exert on my eyes. In addition, I was able to save energy by not using the computer.


I experienced difficulties while attempting to interact and communicate with friends and colleagues. Interaction with others plays a significant role in a persons development and learning and computers make this process easy. I also could not access information when doing my assignments.

This experience has changed my life as I have realized that one does not have to be dependent on computers to perform most of their task. I have also realized that some things that we are so fond of can deter as from the most meaningful thing in life. Through this experience I have learnt to put my time into most meaningful activities such as helping out at home and spending quality time with my family. I have also learnt that computers make significant contribution in some aspect of life such as learning.

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