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The place I am standing is a highly diverse place with no human settlement. The place has a variety trees which many weaver birds have constructed their nests.  It is the backyard of a park nearly. I love this place because it is among my favorite sport for bird watching. There also other bird varieties such as the king fishers, magpie, herons, sparrows, and woodpeckers. This is a place which I like visiting every morning when I am not going to work. It is a place walk and my thoughts wonder to a fantasy world which is not distrusted by the noise of moving cars. Instead this is a place I relax and listen to the wind passing through the tree leaves and birds producing sweet chirping sounds. Their sweet sounds are like a sweet nice music to me. Early in the morning the birds in this place seem to be conveying information mainly because this is the time they are extremely hungry.

This place is highly conserved by wildlife individuals and environmentalists. This is what has made this place to be among the natural habitat for birds, squirrels, and fish is stagnate fish pond which is man made.  This place is nets to a lake whose water has been diverted into this habitat.  There is also a swap, some beaches, dunes and hardwood. The place is best to be visited during the spring migration. This is a time when a good number of geotropically birds are sported in the area. In times of adverse weather condition, there is a large flock of various birds species come here to seek shelter and the fall out this place is a memorable and spectacular sight. Many regions in this region are bird sanctuaries. People from beaches, parks, streets, and the wetlands can observe these birds with the use of a microscope or without.

I love this place because it has comfortable benches where I can just sit and think, read a magazine, or quietly close my eyes and listen to the sweet music from the birds.  There are no noises here but only the sound of the birds, water streams, and the sounds from other wild animals like the squirrels, monkeys, and frogs. The place smells very fresh with open air and I sometimes go there with an umbrella which gets swayed away by the wind. This area and the adjacent region mostly experiences rain. Each time after the rainfall, I always remember going out to smell the fresh air and the smell of wet soil.  I see the green vegetation ranging from a variety of plant species and tree varieties. This place has incorporated both the traditional trees and the modern trees like the jacaranda. The environmental conserve’s have planted a variety of tradition plant species which are considered endangered or are at the verge of extinction. The grass grows wildly and when you are not careful, you might step on a stranded tortoise or turtles. The rabbits have also built their nests on the grasses.

This is one of the most beautiful places within our state. It acts both a botanical garden and a tourists attraction zone. Through this favorite place, I have learned the importance of being an environmentalist and the economical benefits it has brought to our region (Williams, 2004, pp 22).


Williams, M (2004) Young people, leisure and place: cross cultural perspectives Publisher Nova Publishers, 2004, pp 22

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