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Barton Mathew (2005) argues that a dissertation process starts with the identification of the right research topic and ends after one publishes the research he or she has done. Most students start the dissertation process with an idea about the dissertation. Other students wait until they have completed the coursework before selecting a topic for the dissertation. The students select the dissertation topic after the course work as they are sure of the topic. Students are required to have the right skills so as to write a dissertation. Students are required to follow the following steps when writing a dissertation. First, the students are required to select a topic. The students should identify a topic that is related to their course (Mathew, 2005).

The student should determine if he or she has a capacity to work on the topic or if he has an interest to work on the topic. After identifying the topic, the students should state the research problem. The research problem should be a challenge that the researchers face and there is no clear solution for the problem. The third step is identifying the potential of a dissertation chair .The dissertation chair should be a professor who is familiar with the area the student is researching. Then contact the dissertation chair. In his research Barton Matthew (2005) analyzes how current policies and traditions used to regulate dissertation process, committee and mentoring affect the processes (Mathew, 2005).

Most of the policies and tradition governing dissertation process emphasize that dissertations be single authored and original. They also insist that dissertations should be owned by a single person. In addition, the policies insist that students should adhere to a certain format when writing dissertations. Most of the institutions have noticed the challenges such policies bring and have made their policies flexible. For instance, the institutions do not encourage the students to get a dissertation chair from the department (Mathew, 2005).

The author argues that scholars and institutions should change their attitudes towards dissertation process and also the policies that govern dissertation process. The institutions should not force students to adhere to a certain format like before. This is because print spaces are different from electronic writing spaces. The administrators should note the difference between these two kinds of spaces. The administrators should allow students to use a wide range of methods like images; sounds and interactive sections in their work. This will in turn help students improve their dissertation writing skills.

Moreover, the administrators should allow students to work with other students in the dissertation process. Hence, the administrators should not emphasize on originality and force students to adhere to rules that make dissertation writing hard. Therefore, the institutions should allow students to work in groups so as to make the dissertation process easy and ensure quality work (Mathew, 2005).

Further, the administration should not allow the students to copyright their work, but they should ensure all the work is available to all students. This will help reduce the financial burden students face during the dissertation process (Mathew, 2005).

When producing dissertation documents one is given a chance to certify that he is the author of the documents. For instance, when producing dissertation idea paper, dissertation proposal and dissertation report, the student should be able to convince the committee that this is his or her work. When certifying the documents, the student is supposed to state he or she is the author of the document submitted and any help received when writing the document is acknowledged in the document. He is also supposed to prove the work is original by citing all sources and paraphrasing the content in the document (Mathew, 2005).

Barton Matthew (2005) argues that the administrators should reform the dissertation process, the dissertation committee and mentoring process so as to improve the writing of dissertations. Currently, students get assistance from the dissertation committee. The committee is supposed to mentor the students, but not any other person. This prevents the students from getting the right assistance and mentoring (Mathew, 2005).

Most institutions have implemented conflict resolutions and mediation programs in the college. The programs have been effective as they help solve problems among students and also community members. For instance, Soni, Pravin Dayaljee analyze how lack of conflict resolution and mediation in the institutions has affected the community. The researchers argue that most people have made advances in technology and science, but minimal research has been carried out on human life. Most studies have shown that most people do not know how to handle dilemmas well. This is due to lack of communication skills among students in many institutions.

Most instructors argue that there is language barrier in the institutions and this affects resolution of conflicts and mediation.70% of the instructors argue that language barrier causes communication problems. This is because people communicating are not able to understand each other. They find it hard to understand the information being communicated. The researchers argue that 100% of the employees in the institution should be able to communicate effectively regularly so as to meet the requirements of the students. Most of the workers in the institutions argued that language problems has led to misinterpretations and misunderstanding and hence poor communication (Mathew, 2005).

The authors argue that there are various areas that need to be developed so as to help the community solve problems. For instance, one should focus on conflict resolution in the college community. Implementing conflict resolution programs in the college community helps learners and staff learn how to solve conflicts and how to avoid conflicts. For instance, the learners and the staff learn the importance of effective communication in avoiding conflicts. The college community should ensure there is proper communication so as to avoid conflicts. For instance, they can avoid barriers to effective communication like language barriers. In order to avoid conflicts, the sender of the message and receiver should be able to understand each other (Mathew, 2005).

In addition, one should implement mediation at the college community to resolve conflicts. Mediation is considered an alternative method to resolve disputes. The method can be implemented in the college to help the community solve disputes (Mathew, 2005).

Erik Markstrom (2007) also analyzes how people can transform social conflict using expanded theory of rhetoric. The author argues that implementing conflict resolution and mediation in the community is essential. This is because it helps eliminate causes of conflicts in the college community and find alternative ways of resolving conflicts in the community like mediation. The theory of rhetoric helps one understand interpersonal conflicts and how they affect relationships between people. The author analyzes various theories like critical, social, collaborative, and generative. The theories have been effective in understanding conflict resolution and mediation.

Moreover, the author argues that rhetorical approach to conflict resolution and mediation cam help enhance social practices in the society (Markstrom, 2007). Additionally, Inlow Lin has explored the importance of implementing conflict resolution and mediation in learning institutions. Learning institutions face conflicts that result from cultural diversity and difference in interests. The students find it hard to handle the conflicts due to lack of proper skills to solve the conflicts. The author has implemented a program at the university system of Georgia to solve conflicts between the staff and students. In conclusion, the three researches above have shown the benefits that result from conflict resolution programs and mediation in learning institutions (Inlow, 2009).


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