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Dissertation Discussion 1

When it comes to my ability to analyze teaching of concepts, I have come to learn that generalization or under-generalization can take place during the analysis process and hence of importance is to approach the analysis in a proactive manner and an open mind. It may also be noted that to facilitate students new construction of concepts or to reconstruct an existing concept, it is prudent to use an inquiry strategy. This is essentially a discovery approach where students come up with answers often with choices allowed from which they can do selection.

Dissertation Discussion 2

I have come to appreciate the importance of goal setting. This is essentially because with properly set goals, one can be able to identify deviations early enough and institute corrective actions where necessary before it is too late. It may be also good to note that as far as my attitude is concerned, the readings have so far been influencing. This is more specifically in the way of interpersonal interaction where my communication skills have been enhanced in one way or the other.

Dissertation Discussion 3

One of the instructional strategies I have found most useful in the classroom as far as helping students effectively learn content, skills etc is the applied imagination strategy which is known for creativity stimulation. Here, questions are used as prompts so that students can take into consideration other options which may be unrelated. In that regard, this instructional strategy has been beneficial as students are more participative (even those who were less verbal).

Dissertation Discussion 4

It is important to note that as far as varying my instructional methods for each phase of the social studies learning cycle is concerned, I find it prudent to adjust (as appropriate) the wide range of components including but not in any way limited to assessment models, instructional materials as well as classroom strategies.

Dissertation Discussion 5

When it comes to the enhancement of a pluralist perspective where participation is spread out across the class, I have developed a number of strategies which I utilize so as to effectively handle diversity while encouraging all students to approach concepts from the same angle. First, I have come to realize that unattended diversity issues come up to bring problems later on. Hence, I always ensure I attend to diversity problems on time before they grow and become difficult to address i.e. by diffusing conflicts which are potential. Further, when it comes to materials presentation, I always goes a long way to present the same in multiple forms be it visual, audio or even written. Lastly, I ensure that I provide the best learning environment possible so that each and every student can feel comfortable and be able to contribute positively to divergent issues.

Dissertation Discussion 6

Most specifically the definition of multicultural education is largely dependent on the context of its application. However, the definition of multicultural education I identify with is where multicultural education is identified as a study field which is essentially concerned with enhancing the knowledge acquisition process of students irregardless of their cultural, social class, ethnic or racial diversity. With students today increasingly coming from multicultural backgrounds, the relevance of multicultural education cannot be overstated. My school community fully supports the definition in that the curriculum adopted is fully appreciative of multicultural education. Further, deliberate steps have been taken for purposes of diffusing any misconception that may exist between students with regard to ethnic diversity or otherwise. This has gone ahead to make my school community celebrate diversity other than shun the same.

Dissertation Discussion 7

When it comes to the incorporation of values and moral development education in my classroom, I always ensure that I utilize lots of real life examples in my teachings and in that regard, students are able to relate more with issues as well as concepts discussed. Further, it is important to note that the utilization of real life examples makes the students relate more with the issue being discussed. Hence over time, I have incorporated case studies designed to mimic the issues that recount on a daily basis around us. I am absolutely comfortable with this kind of instruction essentially because it becomes easier for me to explain issues that would otherwise seem unexplainable in largely theoretical approach. Hence the use of real life examples by way of invoking case studies goes a long way to enhance understanding of the issues at hand.

Dissertation Discussion 8

There are a wide range of things (intentional) I do as a teacher to convey to my students my respect for them. One, I ensure that I take into consideration all their views and act upon those that are reasonable while explaining my reasons for not acting on the other requests I find impracticable. Secondly, I always go out of my way to ensure every student is comfortable in the class setting irregardless of their class, social standing, race or otherwise. Towards this end, I have gone ahead and come up with a periodical question time where I encourage all students to ask anything about life, their doubts as well as any beliefs they might hold. This has come to be particularly helpful as far as dispelling stereotypes is concerned and in that regard, respect for those in the minority grouping is enhanced. Further, I also do other smaller things to show my respect for my students including but not in any way limited to calling them by name and accomplishing what we agree upon.

Dissertation Discussion 9

As a student in elementary school, I remember the instructor was particularly inclined towards promoting classes that engaged each and every student and called for participation of every member of the class. Further, he seemed always more interested in exploring the practical aspect of the case under discussion and this went a long way towards enhancing our understanding of the subject. However, when it comes to geography instruction in my classroom, I limit myself to a given framework consisting of but not in any way limited to region, movement, interaction of the environment with humans, place as well as location.

Dissertation Discussion 10

Certainly, I would not characterize my geography instruction as powerful social studies. Essentially, geography calls for more practical work as compared to the later and with that in mind, I would revise allow the instructional strategies appropriately. It is important to note that in this case, grouping of students seems to yield more in terms of being able to handle the class and enhance their interaction levels. as a result of limited resources, class groups may come in handy especially when demonstrating the practical aspects of the subject. Further, it can also be noted that groups are easier to handle when it comes to practical work.

Dissertation Discussion 11

When it comes to assessment, the bottom-line is in most cases to enhance student learning. In that regard, assessment comes in handy t avail to teachers as well as parents information that can be taken to be valid with regard to the progress of the student. However, when it comes to evaluation, it is important to note that the assignment of a mark is usually at the end of a given learning activity, lesson or even task. For instance, giving a child a mark after a test on spelling evaluates whether the student can effectively spell the words given. Evaluation comes in handy as far as the continuous performance of the student is concerned while formal and informal assessments are critical if the information being looked for is needed for purposes of enhancing the conclusions arrived at after a test. It is however important to note that for their effectiveness to be fully accessed, assessments must be aligned to their purposes.

Dissertation Discussion 12

Under Norman circumstances, I do not involve students in designing rubrics. However, before I design a rubric, I first determine whether it shall be holistic or analytic. Though time consuming, an effective rubric may come in handy as far as instructional emphasis is concerned.


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