DISC Platinum Rule Assessment


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My result is, I am Interactive, which is the style of behavior that pre-dominates me as determined by the DISC Platinum Rule Assessment. Interactive are driven by enthusiasm. The interactive styles have the following strengths. Interactive style people are confident and use it to lift them higher in life together with their positive attitude. Their enthusiastic character is a major strength. Their ability to persuade and being inspirational is another plus for the interactive. The charming character when socializing is strength.

They are initiators of ideas thus they enjoy the delegation process. They are eloquent when addressing their ideas to others and are known for detailed planning. They have a desire to see the outcome of whatever they started. They influence others to join their fancy of accomplishing results. They are fast in making spontaneous decision and their decision is concrete. The following are the weaknesses of interactive style of behavior. They are manipulative, extra-committed and seek attention.

Sometimes the persuasive character is viewed as a weakness. People in this style are very naive. They have won the trust of other. They have in inability to focus gig picture. Due to their excellent ideas they get over commitments. They get bored easily due to thinking all the time. They have at tendency of operating in a cluttered and disorganized manner. People in this style are motivated by recognition. They fail to accomplish their full potentials if they lack excitement.

The enthusiastic character makes them feel uneasy with confinement and restriction of freedom. The enthusiastic character helps them find new social settings motivating. The enthusiastic character enables them to have an optimistic look towards life. The interactive are confident a character that enables them to ignore the critics of others. The interactive are validation seekers and have a desire to be around inies.


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