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The issue of dignity has become common in the modern society especially in religion. People have different definitions of dignity. Dignity is used in moral and ethical debates to symbolize that human brings have an innate right to respect and be treated well. Human beings have natural rights and duties as they have intrinsic values. They also have dignity and worth (Pojman & Fieser, 2008).

Human beings have non physical status that provides them intrinsic value and dignity. Intrinsic dignity refers to worth or value that human beings have because they are human beings.The value people have is not based on the societal values or ability to force others to admire them. It does not also result from talents and skills. Intrinsic dignity is the value that people have because they are human beings.

Human beings have non physical status that offers dignity and value as stated above. This is evidenced by the distinction between human beings and animals. Human beings are supposed to be treated differently from other animals as they have intrinsic value. In this case, human beings have natural rights and duties that result from the intrinsic values.They are not supposed to be treated like objects.

Human beings are supposed to be respected and valued and they should not be subjected to slavery or to activities that affect their dignity and value (Pojman & Fieser, 2008). The non physical status of human beings comes from religion. This is because religion sees human beings important and worth due to the intrinsic values they have.

In this case, human beings are not supposed to be treated equally with animals because they are important and different. The non physical status shows that there is a non physical dimension to life and hence,, human beings should be treated differently from objects and other things found on the earths surface. Morality depends on religion. Morality refers to the difference between what is good or bad.

Different societies have different views about morality. What one society vies good might not be termed as good in another society. Morality depends on religion in some way. Most people believe that morality relies on religion as religion offers faith. They argue that without faith in a supernatural power, it would be difficulty for people to have moral values. This would have made it difficulty for people to differentiate good and evil.

Though societies have different moral values, most of the values have been influenced by the religious beliefs in the society. For instance, some societies see killing as a sin. In addition, the societies do not support rape because religion does not. Hence, religion helps shape moral values among human beings and the two are related (Pojman &Vaughn, 2007).

Human beings should be treated differently from property even if they do not have the non physical status. This is because human beings are important creatures in the world who have values and are worth. This makes it easy for people to treat human beings differently from how they treat other objects. Though the objects might be important, they are not as important as human beings. This is because they do not have moral values. In conclusion, human beings are more important than other things in the society due to their status (Pojman &Vaughn, 2007).


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