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Differentiation can be best defined as a method through which an instructor organizes teaching so that each and every need of students is met in a diverse classroom. Diverse classrooms consist of students that are both challenged and gifted.


Teachers are often faced with the challenge of implementing strategies as part of differentiated units in diverse classrooms. Implementing a strategy first of all requires extensive knowledge and an in-depth research on the various strategy options available. On where to find more information and data about the strategy to be used as part of a differentiated unit, there are several sources of information. One of the most widely used sources is the web or the Internet. Through the internet, a vast amount of information on the strategy chosen can be obtained (Orlich, Callahan and Harder, 2009).


The unit to be differentiated will be based on students abilities and methods that they use during the learning process. The differentiated unit would lead to various outcomes and one of the outcomes is that it will give students a chance to display or demonstrate what has been learnt in class. Moreover, students who are most challenged and with disabilities will be able to succeed academically (Orlich, et al).


Differentiated unit will be attending to aspects such as the needs of students and formulating the learning objectives based on students’ grade levels. The aspect that I will be attending to include the students’ skills and abilities since different students have differentiated skills and abilities. The other factor that has to be considered is the interests of students. Teachers may opt to observe or interview their students in order to identify their various interests, likes and dislikes.



Orlich, D.C, Callahan, R.C., & Harder R. J. (2009) Teaching strategies (9th Ed).

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