Dietary Reference Intakes


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Recommendations regarding the content of nutrients, energy and a wide variety of food components that individuals should take in order to enhance their well-being are known as the Dietary Reference Intakes, DRI. DRI may be used to analyze whether an individual’s dietary content gives home or her all the nutrients required in the right amounts. This essay will analyze a one-day food intake with reference to the dietary reference intake.


The day’s dietary intake provided a diet that was healthful. This is due to the fact that majority of the required nutrients were catered for in their rightful amounts. The amounts presented appropriate amounts of adequate intakes, recommended dietary allowances, tolerable upper intake levels and estimated average requirements. Majority of the food groups for instance minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates were consumed in the recommendable amounts of DRI.Fibers are underrepresented in the diet while proteins are overrepresented. Some of the sources of dietary content include Soya bean, peas and wheat. Due to scarce availability of these food elements, I was unable to incorporate them in the daily diet recorded.

In order to consume the recommendable amount of serving from each food group, I will make sure that I look for the appropriate sources in advance. It is important to diversify the sources of nutrients in order to make sure that each food group is represented in the recommended amount.The diet recorded provided enough variety of foods and these foods met the goals represented in the pyramid. There were fruits, vegetables, grains, milk, meat and beans.

Two cups of milk were consumed, and this was a perfect source of calcium. Moreover, the type of milk consumed was low-fat milk. Whole grains were consumed, which is recommendable. Since am a less active person, I opted to limit my daily calorie intake. My diet conforms to a sample Kelly Watsons profile since all the recommended food groups are appropriately represented.According to the sample profile, there is a high intake of fruits and vegetables. The same case applies to the diet recorded since vegetables and fruits were consumed in each meal of the day. He fruits consumed included mangoes, oranges and grapes while the vegetables consumed include kales and lettuce.

Kelly Watson profile also recommends a low calorie intake especially for an inactive person. This is in order to reduce cases of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. There was a limited amount of calories consumed in the recorded diet.It is however important to note that the recorded diet slightly differs from that presented in Kelly Watsons profile. The difference comes about when it comes to fiber intake. The profile recommends a high dietary intake of foods containing fiber content. Dietary fiber is used to make the digestion process much easier. Hence, it is essential to consume a reasonable amount of food containing fiber since this will aid in food digestion. The diet recorded lacked a representation of food containing dietary fiber. Examples of food sources of fiber include whet, Soya bean and peas.


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