Department of Defense and the Military


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The US department of defense and the military are two institutions that work hand in hand. The department of defense in the key advisor to the president in matters concerning defense policies and is also the body responsible for overseeing the execution of these policies (Department of Defense, 2011).

The military on the other hand is the body that is mainly called upon to enforce the defense policies especially when these policies involve war. Militaries operate under a structure commonly referred to as military doctrine. This doctrine provides standards and framework of reference through which militaries can base their actions and operation (Military Doctrine, 2010).

The department of defense oversees the implementation of and publishes the US military doctrine. The department of defense is also responsible for formulating the countries defense strategies while it is the military which implements these strategies. It is the Department of defense which comes up with defensive and offensive strategies when the country is threatened while the military implements the strategies (Military Doctrine, 2010.

There is a difference between a strategy and a doctrine. Whereas doctrine provides a conceptual framework for the military, strategies are prudent plans of action. The department of defense is also the intelligence arms of the military force. The department of defense is responsible for gathering intelligence information concerning potential threats, attacks or other military related issues and then supplies this information to the army for a response. The department of defense is also responsible for organizing for the logistical and operation requirements of the military (Department of Defense, 2011). These are such as budgeting, acquisition of equipment and research among others.


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