Deeply, Desperately


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Heather Webber has tried to make the story in the novel Deeply, Desperately very intriguing and exiting. Perhaps the biggest trick that Webbers has used to achieve this is the use of mystery writing. Nearly every scene in Deeply, Desperately is surrounded by some form of mystery. One aspect that introduces a sense of mystery in this story is the presence of supper normal and paranormal activities. The Novel revolves about the ability of Lucy Valentine to locate lost things. How she got that ability and how it works is big mystery that would leave any reader intrigued. It is believed that she was involved in freak accident that left her with that ability.

There are various scenes which have introduced the aspect mystery through paranormal acts by Lucy Valentine; some of them involve the lost love relationships that Valentine was able to solve. It was very interesting to follow the story on how she was able to truck down the love of the man who had lost her woman during the First World War. Lucys love life is also linked to a curse believed to have been brought about by her psychic ability. It becomes very exiting to follow how the relationship between Lucy and Sean unfolds throughout the novel. Apart from those scenes we read about Lucy uncovering so many truths in this book in mysterious ways. At one time Lucy attracted the attention of crazy people and stokers who accused her of being evil.

Mystery is also introduced through various unsolved cases that are described in the book. One such scene is the case of the missing person. The police had tried to solve this case and ended up in a deadlock. The disappearance of the missing person remained a mystery to them and the only way forward for them was to consult Lucy Valentine, who had now become famous for her abilities. There is also mystery surrounding the problems that Lucys dad was going through that were believed could change Lucys family forever. Any reader would be left wondering what this problem could be. There is also another scene involving the mysterious money man called the The Lone Ranger. Lucy was very eager to unmask this mysterious man. Lucys love life was also in some way full of mystery. Lucy spend her time assisting lost loves to reunite and other to find love but it remained ironical as to why she had not done the same for herself. It remain a mystery throughout the novel as to whether she would be able to solve her love issues and end up with his fireman lover who had stolen her heart.

 Use of mystery writing has helped create an element of suspense in the novel thereby making the novel more interesting. Due to the mystery involved in most of the scenes in the novel, the reader is tied to the book trying to find out what will happen next. The reader would love to read some more to know whether Lucy was able to unravel the missing persons case, the mystery money man case and her own love life which was some sort of a mystery. Just when you think that you have figured out what will happen and how the story will end a new twist is added which makes the story more mysterious and less predictable. Apart from suspense, mystery writing by Webber has also introduced the element of surprise in the novel. There are various occasion where unfolding of events has left the reader surprised on how things have turned out.

Mystery writing has also been used to introduce tension in the book. There are several scenes where the reader can actual feel the tension that surrounds the story. When Lucy is involved in a possible murder case a sense of tension is introduced which keeps the reader intrigued and thrilled. There is also tension when Lucy attracts the attention of crazy people and stockers as one could not help but wonder what would happen to Lucy. There is also a sense of great danger in the story of lost love which makes it exiting and thrilling. This case ends up involving an ex-convict, FBI, trouble youngsters and a murder. Similar tension is experienced in the story involving the disappearance of an old artist. Unlike the other story this one has a happy ending.

Mystery is also used to develop and build on the plot of the story. The plot is about a young lady, Lucy Valentine, who is from a family of people with psychic abilities. She is involved in accident and left with an ability to locate things. She uses this ability to revive the family match making business which becomes very successful until her work start deviating into solving other matters apart from love. Without the mysteries surrounding Lucys ability, lost loves and unsolved cases the story would end at a very premature stage. Mystery has helped to bring about the climax and anticlimax of the story. Being a novel with a romantic theme, mystery writing has also been used too develop the love story between Lucy and Sean. The mysterious happenings kept interrupting this relationship and developing the story between the two.


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