Death Penalty


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Death penalty is also known as the capital punishment which has been practiced by most countries to stop crimes. The debate of death penalty has raised different arguments because some are for death penalty and some are against it. The dilemma of death is not something easy and this takes time before the decision is made to be valid so as not to rush and make some mistakes when making such decisions. In the world that we are living, we live in uncertainty because we do face a lot of risks from many crimes which are happening day and night. Most of us who are affected by this kind of crimes believe that the only solution for those who enter into such issues is to be killed of have death punishment.

Crime is our daily talk and it is certain that if we do not take care of this issue, crime will continue meaning that we will live in a world which is full of crime activities. Most are against Death penalty but this is the best punishment which should be given those who commit crime. This is because by the use of Death penalty it is certain that we shall have eliminated those who commit crimes.We are aware of criminal activities which threaten our lives but the main question which we usually ask is how we deal with those criminal activities. Since Babylon times, Death penalty has been used till present to those who are believed to be a threat in the society. For one to have Death penalty, you must commit a sequence of offensive activities which the authority or the society feels that you have become a threat in their environment.

In the Roman Empire, Death penalty was liberally to those who were thought to be threat in the society. When we go back to the old days, when a person committed a crime which the church of the middle ages believed it was not according to their teaching, they just followed some spiritual scriptures which provided them with guidance on the aspect of Death penalty. Look at these bible quotes which are against the criminal activities. The bible quotes the Lord declaring Vengeance is mine(Romans 12:19).  He thus legitimized vengeance and reserved it to Himself.  However, the Bible also says, The murderer shall surely be put to death(Numbers 35:16-18), recognizing that the death penalty can be warranted whatever the motive.  Religious tradition certainly suggests no less (p. 330), (American Society of Magazine Editors et al., 2009).

It is evident that death penalty helps to save lives of many. This is because the murders are eliminated in our society meaning that we are certain to operate to our daily activities without any fear. According to Hugo Bedau (1982) it is wise to consider both sides of the case before you pass a death penalty to whoever is believed to have committed the crime. “The execution of the innocent believed guilty is a miscarriage of justice that must be opposed whenever detected. But such miscarriage of justice do not warrant abolition at the death penalty, Nevertheless, advantages outweigh the disadvantages, human activities including the penal system with all its punishments are morally justified Hugo Bedau (1982) (p. 323).

According to Wesley Lowe, it is better to risk someones life for the safety of many innocent people. If you believe that someone is criminal and there is no surety that he or she was the one who committed the crime, you can take a decision and execute the person for the sake of those many who are said to be innocent. My argument is when we are taking some activities such as driving, we put our lives into danger and there is no one rejects this idea. This is the same as when we risk and claim that someone is a criminal and he or she deserves death penalty, there is nothing wrong with that, (Banner, 2002).It is believed that no one want to hear the death issues or been told that they are going to die soon.

We are supposed to think about this issue of death in a broad way or else we shall get ourselves in a ditch which we will not be able to move out. What if those who kill someone they are in turn killed on the spot? Because no one wants to die, it is evidently that the number of those who enter into such kind of activities will reduce because of fear. The problem with this is that we do not have the power to make this possible but if the justice could help the society in this, it could make changes which are better for the many. If capital punishment could be made less complicated unlike the way it is, we could be in a better position because man fear death and this will prevent them from entering into such situations.

People like (Bedau, 1982) argue that it is of importance if death penalty was there because it stops those who had similar thoughts to enter into those activities and hence saving lives of the many innocent society who do not know anything, (Stearman, 2007).According to Baily who did a special study on death penalty, he say that there is nothing wrong with the use of death penalty. Death penalty is good for those who are said to cause harm in the social setup which we are brought in. between the years 1966 to 1969 the information from researchers shows that 27 states in the United States were against the cat of death penalty but what they came to see was more than they could had believed.

It was unbelievable to them because the rate at which murder crimes were recorded was more than 100%. Those were the countries which were against death penalty which recorded that information. According to my option, it is good for any country to second the issue of death penalty because in the same years, those countries which implemented the act of death penalty only recorded a 7% increase in same actions of murder issues. These were results which were conducted by a group of professors in their studies and as per Professor Isaac, “An additional execution per year may have resulted in fewer murders (Bedau, 1982, p. 323)”. From their thoughts, it was certain that the level of murder activities could had decreased if the act of death penalty was put into action because many fear death and thus they do not want to be caught in such activities and thus reduce murder cases, (American Society of Magazine Editors et al., 2009).

We all dream to live in a world of free will. According to a recent research on whether to put death penalty act in swift operations shows that we are in a big danger of murder activities. This is evident because people are after making them rich and so they do not care for their friends. Result shows that the level of killing activities is increasing day by day because our justice bodies are failing in their work. Some information from the time magazine shows that a large number of people who are not less than two million have already been killed and more are yet to be killed. The reason behind this is that murders are not afraid because it is possible for them to act in that manner and go before the justice and convince them.

It is believed that the loop holes that exist in our justices bodies have greatly contributed to the rate at which the level of murder activities is being recorded. There are some leniencies which are believed to have some for of chain which prevent those who commit such activities. Result shows that countries which are against death penalty do record an increase of 11% murder activities in a span on less than 5 years.More and more people are being  murdered, raped, assaulted, kidnapped, and robbed, etc. (Isenberg, I., 1997).This shows that death penalty should be put in place so that to reduce the rate at which this activities are being recorded, (Stearman, 2007).Some of great writers argue that the only aspect which our justice bodies could help us with is by ensuring that human suffering is reduced.

We are supposed to apply the law of an eye for an eye to those who are in such criminal activities. This will allow some of innocent people who had bad minds of starting criminal activities to stop. It is an obvious thing that if a murder is executed, he or she is dined that chance of committing criminal activities again. Criminal activities are passed from one generation to another and this means that if we execute those criminal, we get a chance of not having many criminal activities in future. “Of the roughly 52,000 state prison inmates serving time for murder in 1984, an estimated 810 had previously been convicted of murder and had killed 821 persons following their previous murder convictions. Executing each of these inmates would have saved 821 lives.

” (41, 1 Stanford Law Review, 11/88, pg. 153). It was said that according to the murder clearance report, the rate could had been decreased if the act of death penalty was put in place and had swift operations, (Banner, 2002).In conclusion, we can just say that death penalty is the best for those criminals because it provides a room to deter them and thus have a better environment which is free from criminal activities. When death penalty is put upon to those who are murders brings the same concept of say a thief who is put into a cell and this prevents the person to steal again. When death penalty is applied to criminals, it is good and wise because we prevent future murder activities to occur in our society and thus death penalty should be used in our justice bodies.


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