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Culture refers to a collection of beliefs, Values and norms. The cultural beliefs and values can be transmitted from one person to another. Different communities have different cultures. What might be seen as bad in one community might not be bad in another community. This is because of the cultural beliefs and values that govern activities in the community. The cultural beliefs and values are related to ones life. There is a direct relationship between culture and ones life.

For instance, the culture affects ones character and behavior. People acquire different cultural values from the society. This in turn determines how one behaves. For example, a culture that upholds respect and honest helps its members become honest and respect other people in the society. On the other hand, a culture that does not encourage honest and respect influences the kind of values children acquire negatively. This is because children from that culture are not honest and do not respect people. Hence, culture shapes ones world view (Eastman, 1990).

In most cases the laws and customs established by the society might conflict with ones values. People have different personal values that they acquire from the society, school and other people. The values acquired might not be inline with the values held by the culture. In this case, one should not ignore the laws and customs set by the society, but he should try to solve the problem. For instance, one can decide to talk to leaders in the community to see if they can change the cultural laws and customs to fit his values. This will help prevent conflict between the community members and the person (Eastman, 1990).


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