Controversial Topics: Differences Between Forming Own Judgments And Constructing Controversial Arguments For Persuading Others To Agree With You


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In constructing arguments to persuade other people into ones camp, one must first determines their purpose that is, whether persuasion of audience will be by offering a defense or an attack (Fisher, 2004). Since one wants the reader to join their  camp and, if need be, to act upon the views one prescribes, one must understand and effectively use the rhetorical elements of persuasive arguments and identify the expected audience for them to determine the arguments direction. Lastly, one must take a stand on the topic, give their claim to reflect the stand and provide evidential support to the claim.

To form ones judgment, one applies the induction or deduction logics. In inductive reasoning, one is expected to bring forth evidence such that where claims are true the conclusion turns out true. In deductive reasoning one must show that the claims are true for the conclusion to be true. The writer must also know whether they have enough evidence from which to draw the conclusion (Phillip, 2010). If the evidence is enough, accurate and relevant, one must draw a conclusion and avoid hasty generalization.

Both processes should be similar in that they should both have a stand in one side of the argument despite differences on stands in the first place. An example of a controversial topic is whether race should be used to discriminate people in the work place. To convince people to agree with ones stand, one can use a fallacy or slogan that will cause a defect in the argument and win peoples support.


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