Contemporary Communications and Technologies


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Significance of contemporary communication and technologies in real life

One major personal goal is to live a happy and comfortable life while at peace with others in the society and help the others attain happiness and peace as well, by being part of the solution to most challenges that face them in the society. I would also want to demonstrate a comprehension of the language and complexities of communication modes: visual, written and oral. Academically, I want to achieve the highest level of knowledge and skills through employment of research techniques, applications and organizational methods and skills in advancing technologies to achieve productive information on my course contents and clearly and logically present my knowledge and skills either verbally and non verbally. I also want to integrate computer skills and creativity in communication to write clear, purposeful targeted communications. My greatest professional goal is to work in a position that I best fit in to enable me to contribute to the company’s objectives while I face new challenges and problems. I also want to grow with the company all the while contributing to the well being of the society.

Undergraduates in Walden University have a social responsibility of contributing to the growth of the society. The university’s undergraduate are well equipped with technology knowledge and can provide immediate solutions of critical challenges in the society. In my personal goals, I want to help the society attain peace and live happily. This is only attainable if all or most of the challenges facing the society are eliminated. With my understanding of languages and complexities in communication modes I will listen to the problems in the society use my academic goals of employing research techniques, applications and methods and skills to bring out the problems and their best solutions and invent better ways of improving life in the society which finally will make my professional goal of contributing to the growth of the society be achieved through application of creative approaches to communication planning and problem solving.

By integrating computer skills and creativity in communication, one will become more aware of civic and world issues as well as become more responsible socially by joining the global communication network. This network is brought about by the internet tools and convenience, communication networks, portability of mobile phones, easy access to video conferencing and telecommuting (Kumar, 2002). As a result individuals can be heard, receive information as well as contribute to organic virtual systems supported by internet, fiber optic cables, super-computers, GPS and GPRS units, mobile devices, laptop and desktop computers and public switched telephone network among others (Edwards, n.d.). Using the internet, knowledge of civic and world issues will be easy by joining online discussion groups, forums and blogs where issues can be discussed by chatting directly with members. One also has access to different world resources like books, articles, newspapers and magazines among others, which serve as information source.

For example, mobile phones paved a way for self-sufficiency, connection and independence within global network. One can use their mobile phone from anywhere for social networking, internet research as well as gaming. Resent social networks such as Facebook (, friend­ster (, and MySpace ( have created great effect in contemporary communication with no comparison from interactive works of art connecting people, to Rich Internet Applications (Mirabito &Morgenstern, 2004) .


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