Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan


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To strengthen the environment of learning by promoting technology use effectively in teaching and learning.


It is the vision of our school to integrate technology in our curriculum. This will assist students in preparing for their future life by successfully gaining the competencies and skills that are required in today’s dynamic world. In this century, technology is finding use in every aspect in our life. It is thus the responsibility of the school to ensure that its students are well prepared to fit in this technological world. It is in the classroom where the necessary preparation will take place.

In support of our vision, we offer our classroom technology plan.


This technology plan is aimed at improving the learning of students and thus help them gain skills that will be essential in their careers in the future. We expect to get support from the staff, students, and the community.

Current technology situation

Currently, the technology in our school is not enough to cater for the classroom technology needs of all the students. This is because of the curriculum review which cites the need to have more technology.


To implement this classroom technology plan, we will form a technology plan team. These are the people who will oversee the process. They will ensure that the plan is implemented well and involving for all students. This team will keep a record of progress and give recommendations on what need to be done to better the plan.


The classroom technology plan will be reviewed periodically and evaluated to ensure that we meet the desired outcomes. With the recommendations that the technology plan will give, we will know the measures to take and ensure that the plan works for the best results and become more helpful to the students, community and nation.


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