Communication Problems

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Existing in a particular group in the society has its challenges. One of major challenge is communication problems. People living in one area have communication barriers which lead to misunderstanding. Navigating through social problems such as diversity of cultural believes ethnic differences and norms from different society’s leads to problems in a social group (John M., 1977). There are different types of social groups and settings which include family, politics, education and economics, religion. The main sources of problems include sources of incomes and pressures from policies used by the government. Other aspects of the society such as culture, deviance, social stratification as well as socialization affect social institutions. The social institution selected in this paper is education (John M., 1977). The problems associated with schools include influence from peer pressure. As a result of peer pressure, many schools tend to select various friends from a particular race, interests and social class leading to racial discrimination.
School as social settings can lead to learning different issues in life children learn issues such as deviance, crime, and punishments (Robert P., 2012). Other immoral behaviors that can be inherited from school include cheating, stealing, fighting and other deviant behaviors. School environment creates a very good environment for practicing various types of behaviors. Schools have been used to spread social inequalities by limiting fair selection and distribution of equalities. Some of the groups such as children in lower classes, women, and minority may be denied opportunity to share equal chances with others (Robert P., 2012). Such issues lead to sexism and racism. Gender and race stratification is also another issue affecting school as the social setting. Boys tend to more favored than girls. Regarding performance, women are denied opportunities involving mathematics and sciences in favor of men.
Literature Review
A social institution is significant in human life in different ways. Schools are used to shape behavior as well as structure the way human life is coordinated among other people within the organization. The interactions experienced in institutions of learning have highest and greater impacts in the society given that students spend most of their life while learning. Much of time is spent interacting with teachers, other students, as well as interacting with materials for learning (John M., 1977). Most common activities practiced in institutions of learning include attending classes that determines punctuality and individual time management. Through adhering to instructions, school rules and regulations helps in preparing students how to respect their leaders, authorities as well as the management of the school. The structure of school rules and order of distribution of power helps students to have good manners in honoring future bosses (John M., 1977). Students are involved in doing homework and other assignments as a way of helping them to become responsible, accountable and reliable in their activities in future.
Institutions of learning prepare students to in different fields of life such as business, economics, and law, nursing and professional careers (Robert P., 2012). However given that institutions of learning are comprised of students from the lower class of families and students from the higher class of families, the expectation in societies and schools give them different results and placements in working class. However, institutions of learning have been acting as major transformation and equalizing factor when it comes to acquisition opportunities in Universities. Institutions of learning give students chances of maintaining higher levels of autonomy based on ways in which individual roles are presented (Robert P., 2012). Individual roles in school settings are highly honored through promoting general and collective methods of bringing equality among students. Institutions of learning have been associated with achieving positive levels of degree among the society. Minority and less unfortunate in society are always provided with chances to excel and change their lives in academic performance.
The standardization of education in various sectors such as private, public and the institutions offering learning services to students with disabilities has guaranteed equality. Through established university program every student with the desire to continue with education has the full potential of joining any institute of higher learning. School as a social environment has been associated with the provision of different prominent as well as professionals to carry out various activities. Schools have been recognized as one of unifying factors where international students and people of different races can meet. The forces of disparities and discrimination have highly been minimized through the establishment of schools.
Max Weber introduced one of the theories involved in social settings. The theory is known as symbolic interactionism. The theory is based on ways in which individual role can be defined as the separate entity in comparison to promoting union using a symbolic ingredient (George P., 2014). According to the theory of interactionism, social setting is defined by symbolic exchanges which are created and applied to dominate within and outside constant environments (Michael C., & Celene F., 2012). The process of upholding a society involves having a collective approach towards homogeneity. Various meeting institutions such as schools that stress oneness is one of ingredient that enhances the creation of equilibrium especially to members that rely on education as unifying factor. The academic institution has been used as a symbol of unifying factor that facilitates shaping students into members of society who can be relied upon.
Another theory associated with the social institution is the conflict theory. According to conflict theorists believe that presence of inequality, as well as competition within an environment, is the one which leads to social change (Michael C., & Celene F., 2012). Conflict theory explains the inequality and competition as a double-edged sword. The differences encourage people to achieve more despite the differences in economic levels. The resultant of encouraging people to achieve more is the advancement and active development of society (Michael C., & Celene F., 2012). The symbolic interactionist theory guarantees the highest approval. The acts and aspects of interaction rely on the fact that many people learn from each other through interacting within a social setting.
Most of gaps and differences in the society have been bridged through the institution of learning. Introducing elite communities has facilitated equality in the society. Development growth and the invention of better technology have been accomplished through educating society. The institution of learning has been applied to bringing universal existence in the society eliminating racial discrimination, eliminating gender inequality, as well as eliminating poverty among different families. Most of the successful individuals have acquired best traits of interacting from the institution of learning. Career and other professional duties depend on strong foundation build by institutions of learning based on the moral support, ethical issues and conforming to the rules and regulations defined by institutions.

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