Communication function audit proposal

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Organizations have continuously been challenged to be more strategic in their communication efforts.  Accordingly, communications audit is a vital evaluation tool that focuses on how an organization has positioned its communication function.  Unlike many evaluation tools, they do not focus on outcomes of communication practices after they are implemented. The purpose of conducting a communication function audit is mainly to identify the process or lack of process, prioritize or re-prioritize audiences, organize the communication of an organization, identify gaps and drive consistency.


For this activity, Apple Inc has been selected as the ideal organization to carry out a communication function audit. Being a market leader in consumer electronics and personal computers, it is one of the leading companies traded in the stock market. In spite of its market-leading position, the firm has been in the spotlight after complaints on poor customer services provided by its employees. The purpose of an internal communication audit will be to ensure everything is aligned to the organization’s communications strategy.


The communication audit will be carried out by systematically assessing the organization’s capacity for or performance of important communication practices. The auditor will, therefore, be able to determine what is working well or what is not and what would work better after necessary adjustments are made. The auditor will critically assess the organization by focusing on the organization’s mission and current business environment. By carrying out the audit, it will be possible to be familiar with the various ways the organization keeps in touch with customers and key internal and external publics. The auditor plans to carry out the communication audit through interviews to better understand and obtain in-depth data on communications related work processes. After the audit process and analysis of information, a formal document will then be created and presented to optimize the organization’s communication strategies.

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