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 IT is very important since it enables many organizations achieve their strategies. Therefore, it is important for each organization to have an IT department. The department should also not be dormant but active towards ensuring that the organization has well managed information systems. Since technology is something that is fast growing, an organization should ensure that they are up to the technological advancements. This way, their competitive advantage is maintained (Shearman, 2006). That is why club IT needs to boost their information technology.


 The mission of club IT is to offer services that suit the lifestyle of their clients. these services are space for dances, playing live music, DJs and offering refreshments. The club wants their customers to have the feeling of being friends of club IT. thus, they try to make a community which meets at the club regularly. Since the club plays techno, hip-hop and electronica, the clientele at club IT are the stylish people and especially the young. Great foods and beverages that are offered at cub IT are also more appealing to the young people.

Just like in other business enterprises, the information resources at Club IT are inclusive of internet resources. For instance, an employee can login the portal for the employees on the clubs intranet and thus access their information (Rainer & Turban. 2008). An example is by use of the password clubit. This employee portal has a lot of employee information and this includes year-to-date wages, accrued hours for vacation, accrued hours for sick leave, bonus received and the place for depositing the pay check.

This adds value to the club since the employees are granted admission into the portal and thus see the information that they need. Other resources in club IT are the function of the IT department and management of information resources. The IT department ensures that information about the club is available and can be accessed by all people. On the website of club IT, there are links that one follows to get the information that they need about the club. Thus, the IT department is supposed to ensure that these links are always updated to give the right information about the club.

All the records are run and maintained by Lisa and Reuben. Thus the IT department is essential to manage these resources. This will help in the keeping and tracking of data for example cost controls. The customer orientation strategy is the best strategy that will ensure that club IT has a competitive advantage. This is a strategy whose main concern is to ensure the happiness of the customers. To pursue the customer orientation strategy, club IT needs information on web-based systems. According to Rainer & Turban (2008), the web-based systems will offer good relationships with customers.

This is because the customer and employee relations will be personalized. By use of E-announcements, E-invites and any other E-messaging services, the club would reach many clients. this is by the information that they store in the computers. The club needs to understand that the clients are the ones that keep them in business. Therefore, they need information on their services and thus can get feed backs and also try to get the preference of many customers and include them in the clubs operations.


 To maintain a competitive strategy, IT is very important. Therefore, IT should be incorporated and the information resources well managed. Further, good relationship with the customers also assists in maintaining this competitive strategy. Thus, with IT and customer orientation strategy in place, the performance of club IT will increase.


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