Cloud Technology


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There are several issues raised by the Board of Directors concerning cloud technology. One of the issues is bout the various cloud components that are essential for companies planning to implement the technology. The basic cloud components include storage such as SAN, Servers as well as virtualization software. With these components, it is possible to start the actual process of building a cloud cluster.

Completion of the cloud cluster should be followed by capacity planning process, which involves determining the consequences of adding servers and many other resources to the cloud cluster in order to maintain the organizational needs. The performance of cloud cluster depends on capacity planning and this implies that poor capacity planning result to systems that are worthless or useless (Antonopoulos and Gillam, 2010).

Challenges facing this technology are the other issues that were raised by the Board of Directors. The key issue facing clod technology is the privacy issue whereby privacy advocates have raised issues of concern regarding this technology.

Companies making use of this technology can easily monitor and control the communication process between the host company and the user either lawfully or unlawfully. The other challenge is that there are so many legal cases surrounding companies that use cloud technology. Most of the cases revolve around branding and marketing (Furht and Escalante, 2010).

The other issue raised by the Board of Directors is concerning the reason whey companies opt to move to cloud technology. Most of the companies transition to cloud technology due to the need for agile environment and due to the fact that the technology is cost-effective. It is however necessary to alter the various procedures and processes of implementing cloud technology in future (Antonopoulos, 2010).



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