Classroom Arrangement


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When it comes to my classroom and those of my colleague, there exists some similarities as well as differences to those described in Tomlinsons book. When it comes to similarities, I do encourage my students to share with one another in a session, roundtable or otherwise, on issues they find challenging or interesting.

When it comes to differences, I do not group my students based on either strengths or topics. Instead, I group them based on their specific needs.When it comes to crafting the classroom to be more effective in addressing the needs of academically diverse learners, it may be important to note that classroom arrangement affects a learners involvement level in more than one way.

In that regard, the logical as well as feasible step would be to ensure that the class physical space is sufficient to enhance the various group activities of learners. Further, it shall be prudent to have furniture of the right size and that is largely comfortable. Also, it should be noted that students having visual and other impairments should be closer to the board or in this case, learning materials to cater for the needs of such students should be incorporated. Students having movement problems i.e. those on wheelchairs should also be considered when considering the location of materials.

When it comes to the integration of biblical principles into my classroom, I would consider having pictorial representations of the biblical principle being addressed. This is essentially because research shows that most learners learn in a better way through sensory encounters. I would also seek to have pictorial representations as well as images that reflect the diversity in the classroom i.e. ethnic as well as racial. 


Tomlinson, C.A. (2001). How to differentiate instruction in mixed-ability classrooms.


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