Clash of the Titans


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Clash of the Titans was originally done in 1981. The myth is a new action movie that has remarkable differences from the original source of the film. This is a Greek myth which shows more liberties. Therefore, the myth is meant for entertainment. In the myth, there are some clearly observable changes that the myth presents from the original version of the film. The myth can be viewed as current because of the ancient scenes that it omits. This is a myth that was made in 2010. Therefore, being a modern and current myth, it is mostly addressed to the students and the modern day generation. For instance, one can refer to them as students of the modern day Greek classics. These are people who will feel the need to watch entertaining films and those that greatly show liberation from the olden days of life. Therefore, they need to make a comparison of the films that they watch to the modern lives that they live.

Due to these changes, the myth which is a new version of the movie Clash of the Titans drifts even more from the source. For instance, in the original film, there are gods that need to fuel themselves through mortals prayers. This can be seen as traditional believes that do not hold meaning in the modern day life. In the myth, the concept of the gods fueling themselves from the mortals prayers is non existent. Here, the gods are presented as violent and they turn the mortals lives without any consequence. The myth then seeks to address the current happenings where people are governed by their own thoughts, they have become creative and innovative. Therefore, they do not need to be pushed or decided for so as to gain energy that enables them exist or even live well. That is why there is the God of war meaning that people can fight for themselves.

The original version that was released in 1981 is a creaky version. In this movie, Hades is presented as an antagonist. He antagonizes both humankind as well as the other gods. On the contrary, the myth shows Hades as a fair, neutral and just god. For instance, he does not kill but rather rules the dead. He is portrayed as a wealthy god because the ancient Greeks had the believe that minerals were obtained from the underground which is the domain of Hades. Through these differences, the myth tries to show that nothing in can exist on its own. Everything whether it is the gods or humankind need each other so as to exist. That is why the myth changes Hades from the antagonist of humans as well as gods that the original version shows to a neutral ruler. Additionally, the ancient Greeks begin to see Hades as a wealthy person and thus want to relate to him and view him as the neutral god.

Originally, Acrisius the king is shown as being rebellious towards the gods and he even attacks Olympus. To trick him, Zeus impregnates Danae the queen and thus Danae conceives Perseus. It is shown later that Zeus struck lightning on Acrisius and he is turned into a demon by Hades. However, the myth shows Danae as the kings daughter but not as his wife. There is a prophesy that a grandson would cause the death of his grandfather and this is what makes Acrisius lock Danae, the daughter in the tower to prevent her from conceiving. However, Zeus manages to visit and impregnate her something that angers Acrisius very much. Eventually, Acrisius is killed by Perseus thus making the prophesy fulfilled. From this, the myth tries to show a flowing relation between the death of Acrisius and the prophesy. This represents the modern life where we can conclude that things happen in a systematic way.

In any movie, no character comes as  wordplay even though it is an action scene. In the movie there are characters that their origin is not shown. For example, Pegasus, the winged horse is not shown to come from anywhere. However, the myth shows the origin of Pegasus. He is shown to come from the headless corpse of Medusa. This can be related to the way Medusa was transformed and became a monster, something that happened after she was raped by a horse. Thus, we can conclude that Pegasus is the child of Medusa. Though through the film, reality is not shown by a human being giving birth to a horse, this serves the purpose of showing the root of the character. Therefore, the myth is a continuous play and does not leave the audience to make guesses about the origin of the characters. Here, it shows that each aspect in life has an origin whether good or bad.

The differences between the source and the myth reflects different perspectives of people. The agenda of the re-teller is to make adjustments and make the movie have some connections to reality. This is shown by the way characters are accounted for and there are connections that lead to their existence. Therefore, the audience can connect from one part of the movie to the other. The movie also displays the ancient believes for example the gods of the Greeks who need mortals prayers so as to gain energy. From the myth, one can conclude that with time, some ancient beliefs that the people strongly held to are changed. That is why the gods no longer believe in the prayers of the mortals. From the plot of the myth, it also serves the purpose of entertainment. To keep the modern people attentive, a movie needs to be entertaining. Unlike the movie which the audience can be lost on the way, the myth has a continuous flow and thus keeping the audience attentive all through.

Another remarkable difference between the movie and the myth is on the stygian witches. In the movie, Perseus uses the Stygian witches so as to find the site of Medusa. On the other hand, the myth does not use Stygian witches. Instead, Perseus uses the beautiful goddesses of the sea. These guide him towards obtaining some heroic weapons. Through this episode, the myth is more related to practicality in the modern Greece. This is because people do not use witchcraft to find solutions but instead find better ways of searching for solutions. This further demonstrates creativity and innovation. Thus the myth is meant to give some lessons to the people. It shows that the era of superstitious beliefs is non existent and thus people have to work so as to obtain good things. Thus in addition to being entertaining, the myth is educating.


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