Challenges Faced By Teachers


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One of the key concepts from the reading is that of establishing control in a classroom. Losing control of a classroom is one of the challenges that teachers face with a new class. When this happens, the appropriate step to take is taking things at a slow and glacial speed. Different teachers react differently to unruly and uncontrollable students.

Some tend to yell, talk louder, demand, get frustrated and pour out their rage towards students. This is inappropriate since it results to gaining control of the classroom through the process of intimidation. The first step required in order to gain control of a classroom is stopping the students from acting unruly from the start and not going on with instructions till they are attentive and calm. Moreover, it is important to speak slowly, softly and move in a deliberate manner.

As a social studies instructor, it is vital to mould students into responsible citizens in a democratic society. The other important skills that students should develop through learning social studies discipline are the individual use of power and skills for making fair and sound decisions. Voting is the key concept linked to individual use of power and decision-making. Citizens use their powers and make decisions during the voting process.

They are the ones who decide on the key individuals to take political leadership positions. LRE Lessons should be included in social studies instruction and this may entail mock trials, simulations, role-playing, analyzing stories that have moral dilemmas form different perspectives. These lessons enable students to develop analyzing skills when faced with controversial situations.

The other concept is that through social studies learning, students are able to comprehend local as well as global societies and communities. There are three themes under which the curriculum guidelines for global education are constructed and these are global issues, challenges and problems, global cultures and world areas and finally the global connections.

One of the key problems faced by social studies instructors who have the desire to teach their student about global and international issues is that concerning relevance. A high percentage of the American population has the belief that there is no connection between global issues and the day-to-day lives. The truth is that there is a strong link between global concerns and different cultures and people in the entire world. This link has both negative and positive effects regarding religious affiliations, local communities as well as community and social organizations.

Based of my experience in education, it is clear that the mentioned concepts can be applied to a classroom and instruction. The concept of gaining control of a classroom is applicable to new teachers or teachers who suddenly lose the control of their classrooms. The other concept is that of molding students into responsible citizens. At the end of a given instructional curriculum, students are expected to come out as better individuals and give back to their societies and communities.

They are also expected to exercise their democratic rights especially during the voting process in the political arena. It is well known that societies and the globe are diverse. There are different people believing in different social values, beliefs and cultures. Hence, classroom instruction should appreciate the concept of diversity. Learning should enable students to get a knowledge and understanding of the different cultures, religions and social values among different societies or communities.



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