Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


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Big Daddy is the name given to the husband who marries Big Mama. Gooper is the son to Big daddy and Big mama. Actually Big daddy is a tall man and is believed to be a fierce character. He is important in this content because he develops the play in many ways. He is a good dad because he makes his son to realize his life dreams. Actually he is responsible of ensuring that what the children desires they are able to get unlike many husbands who are not responsible. He resembles the true husband because although he is sick, he does all what is possible to ensure that he have provided for the family. Big mama is such an important character in this play simply because she ensures that although Big daddy is sick and almost dying, she ensures that Bricks is in a position to carry out all the tasks associated to his father, (Williams, 2004).

Big mama is important in this case because despite the fact that the family members have refused to disclose the status of Big daddy, she takes that responsibility and tells him the truth. Mama is an important character because she plays the role of a woman in the family and ensures that all things are accordingly even when her husband is sick she does not jump disclosing the information to the public. She is a true lady responsible for the family because she ensures the family stays in the right manner. She acts as the holding rope of the entire family. Like any other woman, she is responsible of anything which affects the family and tries as much as she can to get the solution.

When the son and the father are not in good terms, we actually sees that she stands in between to solve the conflict. That is the importance of a woman in a family and actually we see mama practicing it, (Ivan, 2005).Gooper is the big child of the Daddy’s family. Actually he is important in the play because he plays the role of a first child in any given family. Was it not for him, we could actually not have known that Daddy has a family. We are made to understand that Daddy had some plantation and Gooper is working hard to inherit it after the death of his father.

As many old male child in the family, he actually plays the role of acquiring the wealth of the father and would like to be the head of the family although her mother is still alive. This is common to many families and Gooper doing that is not anything mischievous. We from the behaviors and talks of Gooper we get to know that he loves his dad who in return does not love him. He makes use know that Daddy loves Brick although he is the youngest of the two. He is an important character in the movie because he develops some themes. He is somehow responsible although mama says he only becomes responsible only when he wants something for his own benefit, (Williams, 2004).Margaret is the wife to Brick.

The name which she uses in the entire movie is Maggie which Gooper feels like dying when he hears Brick calling her. This is because he knows that Daddy only recognizes Brick and he is the younger and also he owns most of the family properties. She is an important character in this film because she is a lady who makes sound decision in fast way unlike most of women. We are able to know that Skipper was a homosexual. She creates provides information to some of the major themes in the movie such as the theme of homosexuality. She is a woman who struggles for her simply to make the ends of her life meet. Actually we can see that she admires her husband and that is why she plays that he actually be the one to inherit what belongs to him whatsoever. Like any other woman we can see that she plays a role of a woman simply because she is responsible and determined for a future which is bright, (Ivan, 2005).

Theme of homosexuality

If you have read several works of Williams you will second me that the theme of homosexuality greatly contributes to the development his work. From the work we can actually see that brick is the man of the play. He is the second born of the family but he is loved more than his brother who is the eldest. Brick is much affected by the issue of homosexuality because we even see him crying out of the love between him and Skipper. Brick adores love such that without it there is nothing else which is good in his life whatsoever. The issue of homosexuality makes the wife of Brick to feel bad such that she makes a decision of not loving Brick if he continues the way he was behaving. The place where this play is conducted is the same which was used in those old days when the elders of plantation used to live, (Ivan, 2005).

Big daddy is one of those characters who are carried by this issue of homosexuality. His conversation with Ochello who was the first person to show him some life paths suggests something about relationship. When daddy thinks that his son Brick is a homosexual person, he talks ill about it and the son is not happy because his secrets have been known. The reason as to why Brick is much interested with this act of homosexuality is that the society talks about it as being something which is not actually go. Since he is a person who has some respect in the society, he takes that point of criticizing the actions specifically that of Skipper who was his friend or lover if we may call it.From the behaviors of Brick, no one can actually say that he can go to such actions but out of his desires, he actively practices homosexuality which later betrays his friend. Although we can say he betrayed his friends the greater part is that he betrayed his own identity, (Williams, 2004).



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