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An extensive and in-depth examination of an event or case is known as a case study. Case study writing is more of a qualitative research which presents an intense examination of an individual or group of individuals. Researchers mainly focus on description and exploration in case study writing. For instance, a case study whose subject is a specific company will present information relating to the strategies, objectives, results, challenges and even recommendations for the company in question. Through case studies, writers can systematically examine events, collect data, analyze information and give a report of the results.

In this way case study writing gives both the writer and a reader a chance to learn more about a given instance or phenomenon. It is clear that case study writing is among the difficult tasks that students have to deal with in the course of their academic life. I will present some of the important aspect and steps to case study writing.A typical case study has four sections, which are the introduction, background information, the body and finally, the conclusion. Despite the fact that the problems background may be written as part of the case study,s body, it is advisable for students to separate it from the rest of the paper.

The reason for doing so is to make sure that there is sufficient background knowledge for the case to be examined. The key focus of the case should be introduced at the introduction part of case study writing. This section should give the reader the importance of studying a chosen problem. The body of case study

writing should give details concerning the research for instance, comparisons and interviews conducted. The results obtained from data collections should also be clearly presented in the body of case study writing. The final section is the conclusion, which gives a summary of the ideas presented in the body.

It however, does not give a solid answer to the problem under investigation.During case study writing, a student should ensure that there is a smooth and logical flow of the discussion from one point to the next. Case study analysis should progress toward a climax. A logical and smooth flow of a case study clearly reveals the great level of teamwork or collaboration during the entire process of case study writing. It is therefore clear that a persuasive case study has to have consistency and flow. The key points should not just be randomly scattered in the body of the paper. Instead, appropriate transitional tools should be used to navigate from one argument to the next.

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