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Trees are important for producing the needed oxygen which is necessary for   human intake during respiration. Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out. Tress is necessary for the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Putting this in mind, we know that the whole world has suffered from the destruction of tropical rainforests and any normal forests leading to the increased rated of catastrophic. These trees are fallen down to create timber hardwood products paper products and for human settlement and grazing of animals.

Nearly one third of the worlds population practice tree cutting to provide them with a source of energy and heat. Among the worlds most precious natural resources available to man are the natural rainforest trees and fresh water streams.  These trees and water bodies are habitats for various animal species and act the source of providing   human species survival. Rainforest acts as the source of world oxygen. They contribute 40% of the worlds oxygen. Tress acts as the source of medicinal products such as developing anti cancer substances.

Deforestation in occurring in most rainforest of the world according to the reports by the Rainforest Action Network, are our times most catastrophic and serious ecological disaster.  The cutting and clearing down of the rainforests means a disruption of the worlds water supply for growing agricultural foods especially in many developing countries. Indigenous cultures groups are becoming extinct due to deforestation and also lead to severe climatic change.

This leads to acceleration of global warming.  Deforestation has  lead to increased  flooding during wet season and drought each  year the   destruction of   tropical  rainforests  is at the rate of  40 to 50 million each year. This   means that each year and average of 75 acres gets deforested. Global warming is real and has been contributed by made activities like carbon emission from industries and deforestation. Apart from burning gases and oil, global warming is also contributed by deforestation.

The greenhouse cases into the atmosphere are cause by deforestation.  Each year the gases from these green house amounts to approximately 1.6 billion tones. Deforestation highly contributes to climate change.  With deforestation, the moisture from the soil evaporates. Vegetation cannot be grown in such soils. water cycle  is  well perpetuated by trees   through  water vapor evaporation to the  atmosphere but without trees  this  cycle  is broken down leading to the expansions of  barren land and deserts.

Trees such as canopy trees block act in  blocking the suns rays at day  time  and  conserves the heat at night.  The falling of canopy trees means that there are extreme temperatures on the plant which is highly dangerous to animals and human beings. The greenhouses gases which fuel global warming. The few remaining trees in the world are not enough to tarp these harmful gases this therefore leads to the severity and increased speed of global warming. The only way to top global warming is to stop the cutting down of trees and instead governments should finance projects of reforestation (Hansen, 2000, pp. 173190)


Hansen, James (2000). Climatic Change: Understanding Global Warming. One World: The Health & Survival of the Human Species in the 21st century. Health Press (New Mexico). pp. 173190.

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