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 Question 1

 Our class has been successful this semester because of various reasons. First and foremost, there has been effective communication among the members. Mindfulness has also had a huge impact on our victory throughout the whole time.

   Open communication between individuals in our class has been lean. These appropriate channels that involve face to face contact have been productive since we have been able to get clear clarifications of unclear messages.  We have use telephone communication on rare occasions and sending messages that do not involve so many details. It has been a key drive in our good relations and proper ways of communicating.

    We have maintained respectful interactions with honesty and tactfulness when it comes to dealing with issues. We respect each other’s opinions and influence the decisions they make without hurting someone’s feelings and ego. It has proved to be very crucial in challenging circumstances as they helped as focus on the problem at hand.

  Although we have had an impressive period, there have been challenges in some areas that we need to improve. Trust among members has been a big problem that we need to improve on. No one has been able to earn full trust of the other person. For us to achieve our goals, we must build trust amongst ourselves. We also have not learnt to accept the diversity in ourselves. When we improve in these areas, then we will much far better than we are right now.

Question 2

 The government sometimes imposes rules and legislation to firms that affect the productivity and the daily operations of the company. Product market regulations have a broad range of bills that impact the operations of the business. Adverse effects of product market regulation are that it decelerates the expansion of the economy and destroy the competition between companies.  Lower product market legislations lead to more innovations of technology resulting in higher productivity of goods. It then leads to high production of goods killing demand of good leading to small sales thereby affecting the profit a firm gets. High competition leads to lack of innovation hence good produced are low.  High product regulation leads to the reduced rate of competition among firms. If the government imposed such a control, I would suggest the creation of more favorable laws controlling production of goods and competition among firms.

Question 3

   If I headed a company that base in production of tobacco products like cigarettes, I would intervene when the government tried to ban smoking. Health organizations have spearheaded the ban claiming that cigarette smoking results to cancer. The government is also worried at the high rate of school-going children who have started smoking hence witnessing a large number of school dropouts.  It would greatly many of us since would lose our jobs. The country’s economy would be jeopardy since the tax that we pay, and the number of people employed in my company would be at stake. Instead, I will advise the government to regulate tobacco smoking by creating smoking zones that would only be accessed at specific times alone. I would then initiate nation-wide campaigns in schools educating children the importance of concentrating o their studies and deciding to smoke when they are through with school. For those who have faced the consequences of smoking like dropping out of school and other addicts, I would facilitate so that they can visit rehabilitation centers. With such strategies, the rate of tobacco consumption will be balanced neither hurting the economy nor the smokers.

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