Business Ethics


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The rashomon effect refers to the impact of a person and his views, feelings and beliefs on memory. In this case, observers of an event give different account about the event. Business ethics is aimed at examining the ethical principles and problems in the   organization. Business ethics is applied in many organizations. The rashomon effect is common in business ethics. Organizations face different types of problems that result from lack of proper business ethics in the organization. For instance, the organizations   can face environmental problems (Werhane &Singer, 1999). In addition, the businesses can face conflicts and managerial problems.

In this case, the managers are required to identify the problems   and solve them. The rashomon effect is evidenced in business ethics especially when   solving problems. There are different parties that are involved in problem solving in the organization. For instance, employees, managers and other stakeholders are involved in the problem solving process. The parties are required to identify the problem and   different solutions that can be used to solve the issues. After identifying the solutions   the parties are required to select the best solution.

The rashomon effect can be evidenced after problem solving. This happens when the parties involved give different views about   the problem. Some of the parties claim they are not aware of the solutions devised. In this case, the employees give different views about the ethical issue. Others might give views that are relevant to the solutions identified during the meeting. So, in business ethics, people can give different views about an event due to rashomon effect (Werhane &Singer, 1999).


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