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Behaviorism is a field in psychology that encourages research on behaviors without interfering with the inner state of the mind. The concept was developed by Watson. Watson studied how organisms adjust to their surrounding. For instance, he studied the stimulus that force organism to make various responses. The other researchers did not study the relationship between organism and their environment. Behaviorism has helped in the development of behavioral treatment. Behaviorist treatment is aimed at changing behaviors that are not good.

The behaviorist treatment involves identification of the maladaptive behaviors and replacing them with behaviors that are health. Behavioral treatment is used in clinical psychology to treat different types of psychological problems. For instance, it is used to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorde and attention deficit disorder. Behaviorist treatment is used in clinical psychology because it allows the doctors to study how the patient interacts with the environment. The behaviorist treatment has proved effective in many fields like the clinical psychology as doctors have opted to use the behaviorist treatment instead of medicine.

In this case, doctors first identify the maladaptive behaviors displayed by the patient. Then identify the causes of the behaviors. The causes can be environmental or not. After that the doctor develops the right behavioral treatment to help the patient. For instance, the doctors can offer training on how to prevent the behaviors and how to acquire new behaviors. The behaviorist treatment has been to help children having ADHD and ADD as the doctors have helped the children overcome challenges that result from such diseases. Unlike medicines, behaviorist treatment helps such children change their behaviors and thoughts and also gives them right skills to cope with the disease (Leahey, 2003).



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