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Question 1

As per the Sallet and Weber article, the broadband value circle was explained as a scenario where a consumer responsible for the content creation as well as consumption stands one step away from the wide range of businesses that contribute in one way or the other to the entire broadband experience. This includes but is not in any way limited to owners of websites, operators of networks as well as software developers.

It is important to note that a broadband value circle has a number of advantages for organizations. Organizations which lie along the broadband value circle have competitive advantages that are largely separate and hence such organizations cannot be said to be fungible by any means. Further, the brands of such companies or organizations are largely appealing to consumer aspirations that are seen to be differing.

Question 2

According to the Tedelis article, Back Sourcing can be defined as returning a given task to its initial agency. It is important to note that to effectively explain back sourcing, a mention o outsourcing is desirable. Outsourcing according to Griffin (2009) was informed by the need for organizations to make cost savings by sending some of their non core activities to other organizations. Back sourcing hence comes about when organizations stop using out sources and instead take the projects they had outsourced to their agency.

With regard to when back sourcing is used, it is important to note that one of the main reasons advanced for back sourcing is that outsourcing does not always end up I saving money for the company or organization. Further, it has been noted the outsourcing comes about with quite a number of hidden costs and hence the need for back sourcing.


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