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Executive summary

Auto parts center will be specific in selling auto parts for racing cars. This is because motor sport is fast growing in the United States and thus will offer a good market opportunity. Unlike other auto parts outlets which have long business chains, Auto parts center will offer personalized services to the customers. Here, the customers will be able to have close relations with the personnel in the business. Therefore, Auto parts center will be the ideal place for the todays sophisticated customer. The company expects to have a fast growth due to its competitive advantage and thus the investors will be assured of getting good returns and benefits.


Auto parts center will have both internal and external business environments. Our internal business environment will include our employees and the management. To succeed in this business, we will ensure good relations among the employees. Since human resources are the most important resources any business enterprise can have (Longonecker, Moore, Palich & Petty, 2006), employee management is essential to the running of a business. The stock that we keep also forms part of our internal environment. Thus, we will ensure the auto parts are always in stock. To better manage the internal environment, budgeting is important. Therefore, we will keep a financial budget to ensure good management of the business funds.

On the other hand our external business environment will include the government and legal issues, suppliers, competitors, customers and the general public. We understand that any business success is highly dependent on the satisfaction level of the customers. Auto parts center will thus strive to achieve this by having personal interaction with the customers, ensuring that they do not miss any auto part that they need when they come to us and having good customer relations. To gain a competitive advantage, we need to offer better services than our competitors. Reputation is very important for a business to thrive. By maintaining good and quality services and products, we will be able to maintain a good reputation in the general public. There are federal rules and regulations that the government has put in place for all businesses. To ensure a good business environment, auto parts center will follow these legal factors set by the government.

Our competitors will be Auto zone, Pep boys, Advance auto parts, NAPA nabs auto parts and Ben pilla speed shops. These are well established auto parts business enterprises. Due to this, they have numerous strengths. Due to the fact that they have been in business for long, they have a good reputation and thus many customers. For instance, Advance auto parts has been ranked the second best auto parts business enterprise in the United States and it has branches in many states and cities in the country. This thus shows that these companies generate a lot of income. Businesses are aimed at making profits and thus having a wide market gives them a greater opportunity of profit making (Longonecker, Moore, Palich & Petty, 2006). In addition, these are long chain businesses. Therefore, they are less likely to be affected by market fluctuations in one city.

At the same time, these businesses have some weaknesses. Customers have nowadays become sophisticated. They need to visit businesses where their presence is felt and they operate in close relation with the employees as well as the management. Being long chain, large and busy businesses, they do not offer personalized services delivery services. When businesses become well established, they tend to forget that their customers are the ones who keep them in the market and thus fail to treat them well. This is a weakness in these businesses, some employees become rude to the customers since they know that others will still visit their enterprises.

Our strengths will be offering personalized services to our customers. Being a small and starting business enterprise, we will be able to interact personally with our customers. This will ensure that we also offer them advice on motor vehicle maintenance. Auto parts center will also be specific in that it will sell auto parts for racing cars. With these we will have the opportunities of not having overcrowds in our business premises. Again since motor sport has become very popular in the united sates, we will have the opportunity of serving in a growing market niche. Customers always want to visit places where they will be offered fast services. With these strengths and opportunities, Auto parts center will grow and thus offer better services and products.

Currently, the competitors are the only threats to Auto parts center. With the offering of quality services, Auto parts center will be able to overcome these threats. According to Hayley (2010), in the United States, small businesses are the businesses that are hardest hit by the federal requirements. Thus this poses a great challenge for a business that is starting like Auto parts center. However, we believe that everything can be overcome and thus will work hard, ensure that the business complies with the federal regulations and with this there are promises of business growth.


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