Aspects of Ethical Guideline.


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Informed consent in law provides that a person meets a given minimum standards when giving a consent. An informed consent should be given on the basis that the two parties understand the facts of the subject matter and the consequences of an action in future. The implication of the informed consent should also be known. The individual giving an informed consent should have enough evidence at the time of the fact. It is ethical to have an informed consent for the recipient to prepare adequately in regard to the subject matter.

Deceit is the act of spreading a lie or not the telling the whole truth. Deception violets ethical rules since it is involved with propaganda. Deceit leads to social conflict in the society where the sources of untrue information are unknown due to propaganda. Debriefing is the act of sharing a traumatizing experience with the aim of reducing the psychological effect to the victim. This is mostly applied by disaster workers who share terrifying stories with the victim. This is ethical since it adds value to the society.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) is involved in the protection  research subjects which include human beings. Protection from harm. This are systems put in place to ensure people respect each other . Respect is the first step towards ensuring a protection from harm. When people respect each the they will have a duty of care to their neighbors. Confidentiality is the extent to which a person is allowed to disclose information that is personal, confidentiality is natural for a human being but being secretive should be avoided. Confidentiality helps to sort what information can be said in public and within him self. Confidentiality helps to boost the self esteem of the individuals.


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