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The task of article writing requires skills and planning. The writer should have a basic understanding on the structure of an article before embarking on the task of article writing. The structure of article writing involves the presence of a topic, the introduction, the discussion segment as well as the conclusion segment. Before embarking on the actual article writing process the students should first plan on the content that will be written on each of the segments of the article.

The topic in article writing should be as catchy as possible so as to draw the attention of the reader. As much as this seems to be a simple task, topic selection is the most important part of the writing. The topic should not only be catchy but should also be sufficient in terms of the content that can be discussed within it.

The topic determines how many readers will go through your article and a blunt plain article topic will not attract as many readerships as a catchy topic that draws the curiosity of the readers. Topic selection in the task of article writing will involve the writing of something that will draw the attention of the readers thereby making them to read more. The topic can also be intriguing such that it makes the readers more curious of the content of the paper.

The second most important segment in article writing is the introduction. The introduction gives the readers a preview of the problems of discussion in the article academic writing. The introduction should be brief as the main ideas will be discussed in the subsequent segments.

The third important segment in article writing is the body. The body in article writing is the discussion segment where everything pertaining and related to the topic is mentioned. The main ideas are first presented then followed by sub points to support the main ideas. The content of the discussion segment should be as informative as possible so as to ensure that the topic is exhaustively covered. Each point should be broken into its own paragraph, they points should be briefly discussed.

The conclusion is the last segment of the article writing process. The conclusion gives a brief summary of the content of the entire article writing. The main ideas can be reviewed as well as a justification of the importance of the topic.

To be able to effectively conduct the task of article writing it is important to ensure that the writer has enough resources so as to validate his topic or clearly bring forth a problem. Once the writer gets an idea of what other previous writers have said regarding the topic they will be best placed to attack the topic with similar views or with their own novel view.

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The article writing is also delivered to the clients on time to ensure that they are not penalized for late submissions. Constant communication is also essential in article writing services delivery as it ensures that the content of the article will be as par the expectation of the client.

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