Arbole, Arbole


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This poem is basically about a young girl who tends and cares for the olive tree from sunrise to sunset. As she goes about her work, several groups of boys come and try to convince her to follow them, but the girl keen to care for her olive tree does not follow them. The style of symbolism can be said to have been used in this poem in various instances. The green color of the olive tree has been used to symbolize life. Green generally symbolizes nature, life, the earth. The tree has life and its seen by the indication that the girl is collecting olives from it.

This tree may be a symbolism of the girls life and how she goes about with it without the distractions of life. The poet might also have used the color green to juxtapose it against all the issues that the girls undergoes. In this case therefore the tree and girl can be viewed as one as we are taken through the experience of youth and vitality. The tree and the girl form a kind of symbiotic relationship such that as the girl tends for the tree and wind provide the girl with some kind of experience that she needs.

The style of personification ahs also been used where the poet tells us that the wind grabs her waists and the wind wrapped around her waist. The wind has been given human characteristics and these statements create a visual image in our/the readers mind. It gives us the impression that the girl is interested in maintaining her current status that involves a relationship with nature than be distracted by the boys. The poet has used the riders and bullfighter to show the contrast between the girls peaceful life and the rather riders and bullfighters rough life.

This can be used to show how as human beings we are torn between the urge to connect with nature and the earth in general and the desire for a more human connection. Contrast is also demonstrated in the poem when the poet talks of riders on Andalusian ponies these riders are seen to be on the move while the girl remains on the same place tending to her olive tree. The poet also contrast the first two sets of boys whose attire connotates fashion yet the girl is described in terms of her natural beauty.


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