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1. General/macro environmental factors

Todays business world is highly affected by factors E-business, technology and globalization. The  factors influence which have influence the Apple Inc. business  especially in issues related to the daily decision making process.  The Apples management is not immune to functions of decisions to use the computer in ordering goods from outside countries and   using cell phones in international conferences.  The personal computer was first invented in 1976 by Apple Corporation. The apple11 personal computers became a vital product for the company because of its efficiency and ability to process large date. 

The main environmental factors which have affected the   Apple. Corporation Company includes the 2009 global economic crisis but unlike its competitors Apple was not affected. It instead reposted the best quarters while the competitors reported reduced revenues. Globalization has greatly buffeted the revenues of Apple inc. which has been on the increase through the effort of Steve Jobs, Apple CEO who has ensured there is excellent planning and management. He has developed various strategic plans to satisfy the different markets and needs of various countries in the world.

2 Apple business and competition

Apple. Inc deals with the manufacture of computer software, PC and Consumer electronic the main competitors of Apple. Inc. include Dell, Sony, Gateway and Alien ware and Microsoft especially in the Apples Operating system. Apple Inc. has to developed strategies like product differentiation market segmentation. Apple has managed to out compete its competitors through product strategy in developING well aliened services to be used with the created innovative products.

3. The changing computer industry

The computer industry is constantly changing due to the innovation of   new updates which the companies have to makeup up with. The high competition among the computer companies greatly affects new innovation. The strategic innovation will influence the changes happening n the industry.

4. Key factors determine the success of a company in the computer industry

To gain competitive advantage for a company in the computer industry, it will have to enhance its capabilities for delivering and developing strategic value. Apple has to develop products and software which are hard to copy and sustainable over a long period of time.


Exhibit 1 Apples sales The apple Inc. taking a bite out of the competition


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