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Annotated bibliography refers to a bibliography that consists of a paragraph that is descriptive and evaluative after each citation.  The main purpose of annotated bibliography is to give information to the reader of the accuracy, quality and relevance of the sources cited.  Annotated bibliography also reviews the literature of a certain subject, demonstrates the depth and quality of the reading that a person has done, highlights the sources that could be of interest to researchers and readers and exemplifies the scope of information sources available such as magazines, books, journals, etc.  The creation of annotated bibliography requires the use of different intellectual skills such as succinct analysis, concise exposition and library research that is informed.  The writers should first locate and do the recording of the citations to periodicals, documents and books that may have useful and relevant information on his/her topic.

He/she should then review and examine the items that are actual. Then he/she should cite the article, document or book using the proper style. He/she should write an annotation that is concise which gives the summary of the scope and theme of the article or book.The writer should include some sentences that evaluate the background or authority of the author. The sentences should comment on the audience that is intended and also compare that work with another that the writer has cited.  Most students do not have idea of how to write annotated bibliography. They lack the proper skills of writing and also using the writing styles. Writing of annotated bibliography required students to have very good knowledge of all the styles used in referencing. Students lack these necessary skills and therefore end up with work that is very poor. A lot of annotated bibliography companies have come to help students with problems in writing annotated bibliography.

These companies offer high quality annotated bibliography writing help which ensures students to perform well.  Learners should beware of some annotated bibliography writing companies which are not trustworthy. They offer students with annotated bibliography papers that are poor written and deliver them late. This has bad consequences on the performance of learners.  Students should first find out about the quality of writing services offered by companies before buying any papers from them.  Legitimate companies offer students annotated bibliography papers at reasonable prices. The prices charged should not exceed the quality of papers. This means that prices should be very perfect match of the quality.

Companies should ensure papers offered to students are of high quality in order to earn good grades. A company can only be able to offer quality papers by having writers who are highly qualified. Good writers are graduates who hold degrees in various disciplines of education.  Writers should also be very well conversant with the various styles of citations. This is because annotated bibliography writing requires good knowledge of these styles. Quality bibliography papers should have no mistakes. The various mistakes that affect badly the quality of papers are grammar, spelling, capitalization, etc. Therefore, a company should make sure that writers do not make these mistakes when writing annotated bibliographies.  Annotated bibliography writing companies should ensure that papers for students are delivered early. On time delivery ensures that students perform well. When learners get their papers on time, they are able to make the necessary modifications which improve the quality of the papers. Students who submit their papers on time get high grades.

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