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In many of his poems, Robert Frost uses nature. His poems give a deeper meaning to the day to day activities. Having lived in New England rural setting, Frost gives meaning to the truth of the real struggles of the real people. Frost uses imagery in his poems. In this, he uses words which call one to be mindful of sensory experiences. Most the imagery that the poet uses is dealing with nature. These are used as a representative of the speakers feelings. For example, the poem ‘stopping by woods on a snowy evening. Even before reading the poem, from the topic, the reader can have a picture of nature.

Frost focuses on the reality. In this, he believes that there is a good communication with his readers. This is because he shows the emotions and struggles of real people in his poems. Therefore through these poems, people can have a better understanding of themselves, the truth about themselves. In his poems, Frost greatly analyzes the different situations of human beings. In the poem mending wall, Frost demonstrates about homesickness. It is a common occurrence for people to feel homesick and thus his poems have a connection to real life situations. Further, Frost poems have connections to both nineteenth and twentieth centuries. For example he takes into the account the romantics of the nineteenth century.

Poetry is done first for the person who writes the poem and then goes out to its use and social appeal. Though Frosts poem have a deep meaning, they are written in a verse style that is straightforward. Frost uses the sound of sense in his poems. Therefore, this makes his poems clear and gives them a colloquial nature. It is this simplicity that has made Frosts poems to appeal to various readers and has been so for decades. Due to this clarity which is in terms of the sound of sense and the narration, it is easier for the reader to figure out the fundamental and necessary emotions in the poem and thus make the exploration of the deeper meaning.

Despite the use of colloquial language in his poetry, Frost has been able to demonstrate different ideas. Through this language, the poet explores different topics of struggle, conflict and emotions comprehensively. It is because of the ideas that his poems give that they are widely used even in high schools in the United States. Frosts poems are also confessional. The significance of this is in the way his poetry uses material that is autobiographical. In his life, Frost suffered a lot of anxiety and depression. For instance, he suffered the deaths of many of his loved people and these include his parents, sister, children and wife.

These made great contributions to the mentality of melancholy that is evident in his poetry work. An example of the autobiographical poems is mending wall which describes two neighbors who meet to mend a wall that divides their property. This is symbolic of what Frost did annually in New Hampshire with his neighbor. Most of the poems written by Robert Frost show the complex life overtones and thus are worth of a deep and good reading. As the narrator, Frost uses an analysis of different situations to put forward his message.

For example in the poem stopping by woods on a snowy evening shows a situation in which one enjoys the nature. The poems also show times which are of great significance emotionally to the narrator. This is because the different poems portray different moments as well as the feelings that were evoked due to these moments. Though his poems may seem to portray tranquil pictures, a deep examination shows a death fascination. The poem birches gives the memories of boyhood and also shows the contemplation’s of life hardships. In this poem, the image of ice is used to show how cruel the world can be.

In life, people experience confusion, pain and suffering but they can not return to the childhood innocence. These show the different situations that people go through in life. Therefore, just as the narrator has contemplation’s of death, he chooses life. This shows that despite different situations, people should put consideration on the peacefulness of death. Further, they should pursue life and make choices on the different situations that they face in their life path. Frost poetry contains rhyme that is not forced. Rhyme in Frosts poetry is one that is not in common use.

The rhymes used in Frosts poems are of a mastery variation showing a good sound quality and association. In his poems, Frost uses different rhyme pattern variations. For example in stopping the woods on a snowy evening each stanza has three rhymed lines and the unrhymed word is used as the primary rhyme in the following stanza. This is a technical mastery that is not common in many works of poetry. In the poem fire and ice, Frost uses a scheme rhyme which links two sections of the poem.

Therefore, the rhyme that Frost uses in his poems acts as a connection between different sections or stanzas. Throughout his poems, Frost does not change the rhyme pattern and thus the tone of the poem is not affected. Frosts poems also make use of assonance. He uses vowels of similar sounds thus creating a rhyme in vowels.


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