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 Amazon has greatly transformed and grown from an undersized online book seller to a huge superstore company. The rapid growth has been accompanied by increased threats, competition and losses. Hence, the greatest challenges to Amazon are achieving profitability as well as cutting costs. Some of the key factors that have contributed to the company’s success include massive sales volume, strong brand and realization of economies of scale.


 There is possible data management issues associated with Amazon and one of the issues is the security issue. First of all the infrastructure of the Amazon S3 storage has a weak security system and moreover, the cloud may fail to effectively support a users standard requirements. Since Amazon is the key controller of a users data, there is a pose of major threat regarding data safety (Mennen, 2010).

Amazons data is obtained from various types of books available. This data can be processed with ease to obtain information. Information is defined as a form of knowledge that can be conveyed with the retention of integrity, implying that, information is more part of knowledge. While knowledge deals with particular beliefs as well as commitments, information is usually based on facts. In order to interpret both data and information, knowledge is necessary (Mennen, 2010).

In conclusion, Amazon is a huge superstore company that currently sells various items including books, music, kitchen supplies, video games and musical instruments. Knowledge is an essential aspect that provides a basis for interpreting data and information contained in Amazon books.


 Mennen, M. (2010). Global Corporate Strategy. A critical Analysis and valuation of GRIN Verlag
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