A Passion for Diversity


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In this article, Pomeroy writes about Deborah Dagit who has strongly fought for diversity in different areas including taking an active role in passing of the Americans with disabilities Act. Despite having a serious disability, Dagit has strongly taken the fight for diversity and even risen to high positions for example, she is the Merck Companys chief diversity officer. Thus as the Pomeroy writes, Dagit has a passion for diversity.

Dagit is highly praised for her efforts. For instance, she has put great efforts in integrating diversity into her work place and for this, she is praised by Vailaya. Vailaya says that it is through the guidance of Dagit that his group has seen great evolvement. This has seen the group become more socially networked and diverse. Her insistence that that those people living with disabilities should be incorporated into the arena of diversity leads to Dagit becoming a leader in the diversity field. Other than disabled people, Dagit also agrees that there should be diversity on race, ethnicity, gender and even age.

It is through her work that she has managed to have diversity integrated into the organizational culture. Therefore, her passion for diversity has made her be viewed positively by other people. She is thus seen as one who holds equal standards just as the other employees of her organization. Though it is a challenge to increase the representation of people like her in organizations diversity, Dagit sees her disability as an opportunity to help other people and ensure the growth of a culture of diversity.

This article clearly shows that being disabled does not imply that one is not capable of performing well. Despite her disability, Dagit has risen and even leads other able bodied persons. Therefore, in spite of their physical differences and other differences in race, color, sex or age people should live well and in respect to each other.


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