A Constructivist Approach


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 People have different abilities and levels of understanding. This is the same way in a classroom in that students are different in their abilities and understanding. Using a constructivist approach in teaching means that the teacher advocates for learning models on the basis that in a classroom, students are required to have a construction of their individual knowledge and understanding. During the process of learning, students engage in revision of their prior learning and thus basing their leaning on experience that is new.


 In teaching and learning, all the different learning needs of different students should be put into consideration. With this, there will be the creation of an environment that is governed by learning that is relevant. This is because the teacher chooses the mode of teaching based on the understanding of their students. As cited by Sunal & Haas (2008), constructivist approach to teaching helps students who are diverse to construct concepts and skills of social studies. It is evident that constructivist approach encourages creative learning.

This is because since the students’ needs are considered, the teacher is able to know the different talents and skills that their students have and hence help them nurture them through creativity and innovation. Through constructivist approach, the students are taught on how to solve problems in the real world by focusing on realistic approaches. In this social world, people are faced by many problems. Therefore, with the diversities that students have, with this kind of approach to teaching, they are able to create solutions to the real problems in the social world (Sunal & Haas, 2008).

In relation to this, the learners are able to make interpretations of the world’s and society’s multiple perspectives. This is because constructivism approach equips learners with the knowledge that they internalize rather than one which is imposed on them. With this internal knowledge, the learners will grow up being skilled people to deal with matters of the society and the entire world. There are different ways in which constructivist approach can be applied in classroom and instruction. If the teacher creates a culture of participation of all students, their diverse needs will be observed and thus helped to construct their skills.

When they actively participate in the teaching process, learners will internalize more information. Learner participation also creates a sense of belonging and thus the learners will feel free to express themselves enabling the teacher to know areas that need improvement and how to deal with them. Learners should also be encouraged to learn from each other. They will tend to understand in a better way if they learn from their peers. With discussions with their peers, there is collaborative knowledge construction which is gained by means of social negotiations.

As a teacher, one should also frequently evaluate their learners. Evaluation is always a tool for self evaluation. It is through evaluation that the teacher is able to know how well their learners can construct the required skills in social studies. With these evaluations, the teacher gets to know their learners better and know the areas that are not well understood. Therefore, the teacher will approach their teaching based on information.


 Constructivist approach to teaching is very important in the modern world. It helps to create a people who can freely exercise their skills and thus lead to creativity and innovation.


Sunal, C. S., & Haas, M. E. (2008). Social studies for the elementary and middle grades: A constructivist approach. 3rd Ed. Boston: Pearson Education publishers.

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