‘Papa John’s Number’ Paperback: ‘I can’t wait to go home’: Papa Johns says he can’t ‘wait’ to be home

Papa Johns has opened up about his personal life in a new book about his famous namesake.

In “The Papa Johns Number,” the author, who is now 78, writes about the “Papa’s Number” paperback, a series of paperbacks that the Papa John’s chain sold in the 1970s.

The first set, produced in 1973, was made for $30, which was the price for a one-sheet and was “in keeping with Papa John Sr.’s insistence on making his brand distinctive,” according to the book.

The next set, “The Perfect Number,” was produced in 1977 and was a limited edition of only 100 copies, which cost $100 and was made of 100 sheets of paper, according to The New York Times.

The number, a nod to Papa John, was “a very popular and very personal thing to me,” the book says.

“I think the idea that it would be a ‘perfect number’ was a sign of that.”

In the new book, the author describes how he and his family got the book and its cover and its unique design.

“I was a bit hesitant,” he said in a phone interview.

“We were in a place of uncertainty.”

In “Papa John’s Numbers,” the writer wrote about how he was working as a salesman and how he came across a list of all the people he had met in his life.

The list included his wife, his mother-in-law, and his parents, who he said had passed away.

He added his mother in law’s name as his grandfather.

“At the time, I had a very narrow set of criteria for being on that list,” he wrote.

“My goal was to make sure that I was there to be in the picture and I was not just somebody who was in the background.”

Papa Johns’ Number was an instant hit, and he told the author he was in awe of the design and how “every single thing on that book was meant to reflect that.”

Papas were very careful about their packaging, which included a large stamp that the author said represented the “Perfect Number.”

“The number is a real-world symbol of everything that Papa John was, and that he always meant to be,” he told The Hill.

The Papa Johns number is the same one as the iconic “P” that appears on the logo of Papa John Schnatter, the company that owns Papa John.

A spokeswoman for Papa John said that it is proud of the book, which features photographs of all of the Papa Johns children and their families.

“The book is a wonderful illustration of the incredible family history of the world famous Papa John,” the spokesperson said in an email to The Hill on Monday.

“The story behind Papa John is a fascinating one and we hope the book will give readers a taste of what it was like for these young people growing up in the shadow of Papa Joes legendary product.”