Why is there so much paper in our pockets?

The U.S. Postal Service has been facing an increasing number of mail thefts in recent years, and a study from the U.K.-based think tank National Audit Office found that the agency has lost about $8 billion on paper and envelopes since 2013.

Now, an international team of researchers is taking a look at how much paper there actually is and how that affects the economy. 

In its report, the audit found that about one-third of the paper that is delivered by USPS is lost to theft, as thieves use it for mailing envelopes and other paper-based services.

This theft can result in a loss of $30 billion in lost revenue each year.

The paper that was delivered to the U: is also a source of revenue for the USPS. 

“If lost mail is not recycled, it can end up in landfill, which has a devastating impact on the environment and the economy,” study author Michaela Gavigan, a research associate at the National Audit, told HuffPost. 

The audit also found that USPS has lost $1 billion a year in revenue due to paper thefts and counterfeits.

And as a result, the agency faces a loss on the books of about $10 billion a month.

“There are also problems with paper distribution,” said Gavigans.

“The USPS is responsible for handling a majority of the bulk of the mail.” 

In addition to being a source for paper revenue, the paper is also used to write the stamps, which are used to fund the USPS and many other agencies.

But as the audit noted, “this paper is not a good investment.”

The paper itself is made of a mixture of recycled paper and paper fibers that are typically produced in countries like China.

Gavigans study also found a correlation between the amount of paper the USPS sends and the amount the USPS has to pay to companies that process the paper.

The USPS collects a higher percentage of revenue from shipping paper than other agencies do. 

If USPS could eliminate this paper waste, the report suggests that the organization could be able to cut its budget by more than $1.5 billion a day.

“If the USPS could reduce its losses on paper by $5 billion per day by replacing lost mail and recycling lost mail, the savings could be substantial,” Gavigs said. 

Gavigan is not the only one to believe that the USPS should eliminate paper waste.

In a recent blog post, The New York Times reported that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is looking into how the USPS can make a profit from recycling paper. 

While the FTC has yet to take action, the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General has recently begun investigating whether the agency is following regulations and policies in an effort to reduce its paper waste and prevent paper theft.

The U.N. agency has also called for the elimination of paper waste since the beginning of the year.

But the agency says it will continue to use paper and other recyclable materials in its mail operations.

“We do not think it’s necessary to eliminate paper,” said Michaela Zukowski, the postal service’s senior communications advisor.

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