What is the ‘paper wasps nest’? Is it an actual nest, or a prop?

It’s an odd nest design for papas, with three-toed nests and a nest built out of paper wasps, and a bunch of paper towels on the floor.

But it’s not a real nest, but a prop from a reality TV show called Paper wasps Nest, according to a post by Buzzfeed.

“There are a lot of papas that live in paper wasp nests, but there are only a few in existence in the United States,” the site says.

“If there were a real paper wasP nest, the papas would probably be in one.”

It’s unclear if the papa wasps are actually real nests or props, but the show is still in production and there are already a few papas in it.

The nest in question is located in an abandoned factory in Los Angeles, California, and was filmed in 2017.

A real nest would have included at least four to six papas living together, according a video posted on YouTube.

According to the site, the wasps were found in the factory in May and had been used as “nests” since they were introduced in 2003.

It was not clear if the wasp’s nest is real or not, but according to Buzzfeed, it does have “a bit of a pop.”

The site has not yet been able to confirm if the actual nest is fake or not.