PaperCutter to Make Your Paperless Vacation Less Stressful

By making your paperless vacation less stressful, you can actually save money on paper, too.

Papercutter, an online graph paper tool that allows you to cut out any paper item, is coming to Android and iOS devices.

It lets you cut out a sheet of paper or a card, or cut out an image or a logo, for an extra $4.99.

The tool will also allow you to mark items as “scrubbed” and “screwed up,” so that they don’t have any extra markings on them.

PaperCutter, the paperless version, costs $4 per month, or $9.99 per year, and includes an annual subscription.

It can also be downloaded for free, but you need to be signed up for an account.

Papercutscan be purchased for $4 a month, $9 a year, or you can upgrade to a premium subscription that will cost $14.99 a year.

You can sign up for Papercutter via the Google Play Store for Android or iTunes for iOS.

The app is available now in the Google app store for Android, Apple app store, and Windows Phone Store.