Why the Pizza Queen in NYC was once a pizza queen

A couple of years ago, I went to the pizza parlor in Brooklyn’s Upper West Side.

It was a nice, old building, and I had never been inside.

There was a pizza parlour on the ground floor, and in the back was a pizzeria called Papa Romanos.

That was my first pizza experience in Brooklyn.

I was still a kid, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I got a slice, and it was really good.

But when I went back, a few weeks later, I found out the whole thing had been a fraud.

It wasn’t a real pizzeria; it was a fake Papa Rumanos, owned by a guy named Joe Sommers, who told me that he’d taken over the business.

The owner of Papa Rompers is Joe Sormers, and he told me to come back the next day, and then I went.

I sat at the counter and waited for the deliveryman to come, and when he did, I saw this big pizza in front of me.

It had been freshly baked, with a thick crust.

And I was like, Wow.

This is the kind of pizza I’ve always wanted.

But Papa Rommers was also a pizza franchise that had a franchisee’s license.

That meant that the owners had to be licensed to sell the pizza to the customers.

That license is what I was paying for.

So, I was excited to go in there.

The guy behind the counter said, Come in, and you can order pizza.

I didn’t know what to say.

He told me he was a franchise owner, but he had no business licenses.

So he didn’t even have a pizza.

He just said, “I have a franchise.

I’m here to serve you.”

So I walked in, sat down and ordered a pizza, and the delivery man brought me a plate and a cup of coffee.

I told him that I wanted to be a pizza lady.

He said, No, you have to be in here.

I said, Okay, fine.

But I wanted this, so when I took it, it was the perfect pizza.

It came with a side of sausage and pepperoni, and some fresh tomato sauce.

And it was amazing.

But he didn�t have a license.

He didn’t have a name.

And when I asked him to show me where I could get one, he said, I can’t give you a name, because I don’t have the license.

I started to cry. I couldn�t understand what was happening to me.

And then I looked around, and people were standing outside the door.

There were kids and women and parents outside, and everyone was crying.

It really broke my heart.

I felt like I had been lied to.

I called Papa Sommors, who was a former pizza kingpin in New York.

And he was furious, and said that I shouldn’t have left.

I still couldn�ts understand how someone could have gone in there, let alone lied to the owner.

It would be like someone putting a hood over your head and putting you in a back alley, and they wouldn�t tell you where to go.

Papa Sorms was the pizza king of the Bronx.

He owned the pizza franchise in Manhattan that was supposed to have franchised the pizza in the Bronx, but Papa Sompers didn�ts own the franchise in New Jersey.

I don�t think he knew where to find one, because he didn?t have the franchise.

He wanted to go and make a profit, but there was no way he was going to do that.

And Papa Soms name was on all the license plates in the restaurant.

So when I finally called him, I asked if he could help me get the franchise to operate in New Brunswick, New Jersey, which was a tiny community just a few miles away.

So I showed him the license plate and he said he couldn?t do anything.

He couldn?ttl??t give me the franchise number.

I asked how he could do that, and his response was, Well, it?s a long story.

And after I asked about his name, he started to get upset, and eventually he asked me to sign a waiver to not speak with anyone, and all of a sudden he started yelling at me.

I tried to leave, but I had a feeling he was getting serious.

And so I walked away.

I walked up to a table in the kitchen, and there were three guys sitting there.

I just sat there.

They were crying.

I turned around, looked around and there was a young kid on a folding chair, who looked like a girl.

And the guy who was standing there was crying, too.

I left, and at some point I went in the room, and a lady from the family said, Hey, you should have stayed here.

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