When Papa John’s closes, a lot of us will lose access to the good stuff

Papa Johns, the chain that’s been one of the most loyal customers of the US military, is shutting down the rest of its stores in the country.

The company says the closure is due to declining sales, and that it’s “committed to making the right decisions to protect our shareholders and employees.”

The company will have to pay out $9.5 million to the federal government, which is the largest payment the company has ever received in a military closure.

It also said it will “close a few locations and suspend operations in the area.”

That means there will be no Papa John at the Pentagon or at the Navy Yard in Washington.

And the chain said it’s looking to cut back on its menu.

Papa John is a chain of specialty food stores in suburban Philadelphia that started in 1947.

The chain has been one to focus on low-priced food and has been popular with military personnel.

It was named the top military-friendly chain by Military.com and the Pentagon’s best-value employer in 2016.

But in recent years, the chains has started to lose ground to the likes of Kroger and other big chains.

It’s been a big part of the debate over whether the US should privatize the military, which has been a source of political debate in the US for decades.

It is also a topic of debate in other countries, including the UK, where the government has set up a national review board to review the military.