The ABC’s ‘Paper Planes’ coverage: The ‘paper planes’ hat story is real

On ABC News 24, a reporter from The ABC asked an ABC News producer if he could ask the minister if he’d heard of a ‘paper plane’ that was actually invented in a Queensland farm.

The producer said, “Yes.”

“I think you’re the one who was born with that,” the producer said.

“I just heard that.

It’s an Australian invention.

Do you have any idea?”

The minister said that he hadn’t heard about any of this.

He said, he would look into it.

He also said that “if it is indeed an Australian invented invention,” then it’s up to the people of Queensland to determine if it’s the product of their imagination.

The ABC contacted a Queensland state government office and the department of agriculture to ask if it had any information on this story.

We asked the department about the report, but they told us they hadn’t received it and could not comment.