Papa Murphy’s new pizza is coming to Philly, and it’ll be bigger than ever

PAUL BUCKNER/AFP/Getty Images PASTA MURPHY’S NEW PIZZA AND MEAT ARE ABOUT TO ROCK THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLY—It’s the first pizza from the new Papa Murphy’s to make its way to the Philadelphia area, and we know it.

The pizza company says the new pizza, called the Pizza Murph, will be bigger and better than ever.

The new pizza will have a menu that includes fresh ingredients, such as local cheeses, fresh meat and salads, and fresh toppings like bacon, mozzarella, and pineapple.

The pizza is also expected to include new toppings and flavors.

Papa Murphy’s plans to open the new restaurant at 1401 W. 23rd St. in the North Park neighborhood.

Papa Murphy said it will open in early 2019, and the restaurant will be available for lunch and dinner.

Pizza Murph will feature:A large menu featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The menu will include fresh local ingredients like local cheesesteaks, fresh meats and salads.

Pizzas will be made fresh daily.

Pancakes, mozarella sticks, and other toppings will also be on the menu.

Papa Murph said it’s a pizza to get excited about.

Pasadena-based Papa Murphy has been on a food roll since 2014 when it opened the first of its locations in Austin, Texas.

Papa says it’s been making pizzas since 1993.